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Pipe Filters/Inserts


Pipe filters have long been a standard for a cool, dry smoke and also offer the benefit of removing some unwanted ingredients found in pipe tobacco. The nicotine and tar is reduced and irritants are trapped in the absorbent filters. So when the juice is loose, pick yourself up some pipe filters...we have everything from the high selling Dr. Grabow to Savinelli and Adsorba filters.

Grid List
    In Stock
    Dr. Grabow Filters
    As low as $0.99
    Savinelli Filters
    As low as $2.40
    Medico Filters
    As low as $0.80
    Stanwell Pipe Filters
    As low as $3.35
    9MM TO 3MM Pipe Filter
    In Stock
    MSRP $3.00
    Only $1.99
    Big Ben Pipe Filters
    As low as $2.60
    Adsorba 9mm Charcoal Filters
    As low as $2.50
    6MM Pipe Filter
    Bag of 20 / PIPE FILTER 6MM
    In Stock
    MSRP $1.50
    Only $1.09
    Brigham Pipe Filters
    BOX OF 8
    In Stock
    MSRP $4.99
    Only $2.99
    Dr. Perl Junior 9mm Filters
    As low as $1.50
    Aldo Velani Balsa System 6mm Filters
    In Stock
    As low as $3.80
    Blitz System Charcoal Filters
    As low as $7.19
    Philtpads 10
    In Stock
    MSRP $2.99
    Only $2.49
    9mm Pipe Filters
    BAG OF 210
    In Stock
    MSRP $48.99
    Only $39.19
    Denicotea 9mm Filters
    PACK OF 10
    MSRP $5.95
    Only $3.81
    Denicool Filter Crystals
    Out of Stock
    Only $4.99