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Illusione Cuchillos Cubanos

Cuchillos Cubanos (“little Cuban knives”) are value-priced sticks, sold in packs, by the maker of Illusione Cigars. When premium, hand-rolled cigars are made, they are always rolled a bit too long, and then are trimmed to the proper length. Just like making homemade soup, nothing is wasted, and the trimmings are mixed with some long-filler to make mixed-filler cigars (also called Cuban Sandwiches) that aren’t as pretty and don’t burn as well as an Illusione, but they taste nearly as well at a much lower price.

  Size Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
  '32' BOX OF 9 Out of Stock $18.00    
  '42' BOX OF 5 Out of Stock $18.50    
  '46' BOX OF 5 Out of Stock $18.00    
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Customer Reviews of “Illusione Cuchillos Cubanos”
I usually smoke the Illusione Epernay but they are pricey for a daily smoke. I tried one right out of the UPS package last night and was thoroughly delighted by the flavor. The burn started crooked but evened out about a third of the way into the smoke. Not the prettiest but I'm after taste and I got better taste than expected. Rich caramel with just the right Nicaraguan "bite" and spice. I ordered 4 more 5 packs of the size 42 just now and I'll be getting more next week.