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Captain Black Cherry

Captain Black Cherry is a blend of Burley, Virginia and toasted black Cavendish with a robust cherry flavor and aroma. It's a cool experience that delivers clouds of wonderfully fragrant smoke.

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Customer Reviews of “Captain Black Cherry”
Buyer beware in regard to the Cherry Flavor of this tobacco. It does "Vary" as the Strength Rating indicates. Over the summer and into early autumn of 2013 I purchased several pouches, and was getting a VERY strong, rich, bold taste of Cherry from this tobacco. (exactly what I was looking for). Then, on my last few purchases, the taste is MUCH more mild, more like a "hint" of Cherry than a Strong, Rich flavor. It's one of the few tobaccos I have seen with "Varies" as the Strength indicator......but I can tell you from personal experience, it does in fact.....vary. The Strong, Rich, Bold taste of Cherry was out of this world good.......the more subtle, mild taste I have been getting late;y (this winter 2014), is meh......ho hum.....not so good IMHO.
For a cherry blend it's okay. Let's put it this way, if they stopped making this flavor I could care less.
BW of Pomona, CA
The best cherry tobacco I've tried so far.....good flavor, no tongue bite, and it smells great......
KR of Lanham, MD
I like the other Captain Black varieties ok, but this one is terrible. It's like trying to smoke cherry cough drops. Nasty!
KR of Glen Burnie, MD
Tried some today. Cherry flavor is definitely there, maybe a bit too much. I may have gotten a stronger batch, but I had some bite even when smoked leisurely through a churchwarden. I may try to age some to see what happens, and mix some and see if that helps. Not a bad smoke, but not one of my favorites
GC of Avoca, NY
Not particularly my favorite blend from Captain Black. But seeing as it "varies" I may have gotten a lighter blend during the winter. That being said, it's not a bad blend by any means. I just prefer Captain Black Royal to this.
BM of Coconut Creek, FL