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Captain Black Cherry

Captain Black Cherry is a blend of Burley, Virginia and toasted black Cavendish with a robust cherry flavor and aroma. It's a cool experience that delivers clouds of wonderfully fragrant smoke.

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Customer Reviews of “Captain Black Cherry”

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Buyer beware in regard to the Cherry Flavor of this tobacco. It does "Vary" as the Strength Rating indicates. Over the summer and into early autumn of 2013 I purchased several pouches, and was getting a VERY strong, rich, bold taste of Cherry from this tobacco. (exactly what I was looking for). Then, on my last few purchases, the taste is MUCH more mild, more like a "hint" of Cherry than a Strong, Rich flavor. It's one of the few tobaccos I have seen with "Varies" as the Strength indicator......but I can tell you from personal experience, it does in fact.....vary. The Strong, Rich, Bold taste of Cherry was out of this world good.......the more subtle, mild taste I have been getting late;y (this winter 2014), is meh......ho hum.....not so good IMHO.
For a cherry blend it's okay. Let's put it this way, if they stopped making this flavor I could care less.
The best cherry tobacco I've tried so far.....good flavor, no tongue bite, and it smells great......
I like the other Captain Black varieties ok, but this one is terrible. It's like trying to smoke cherry cough drops. Nasty!
Tried some today. Cherry flavor is definitely there, maybe a bit too much. I may have gotten a stronger batch, but I had some bite even when smoked leisurely through a churchwarden. I may try to age some to see what happens, and mix some and see if that helps. Not a bad smoke, but not one of my favorites
This was the first pipe tobacco I ever smoked so I didn't know what to expect. The pouch smell is very strong cherry. Reminds me of old fashioned ribbon licorice. I only smoked a few bowls and its OK. It does leave a waxy feeling on my tounge. It makes me want to spit a lot. OK for "over the counter tobacco" but I would rather spend my money on better brands and flavors.
Not particularly my favorite blend from Captain Black. But seeing as it "varies" I may have gotten a lighter blend during the winter. That being said, it's not a bad blend by any means. I just prefer Captain Black Royal to this.