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Captain Black Gold

Captain Black Gold is the lightest in flavor of the series. It is a straight golden Virginia Cavendish with a light and smooth aroma and taste that is never overwhelming. The cut helps it to pack perfectly and stay lit easily, and it mixes well with other tobaccos.

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Customer Reviews of “Captain Black Gold”

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As always P&C comes through with quality tobacco & Service Thank You
I've tried all the Captain Black blends (except Round Taste) and I would have to say this one is the least aromatic. It smells nice and tastes okay, but Dark and Original are still my favorites.
I have tried captian black orginal, royal, and gold out of these three gold is my least favorite. I recomend if you try captian black to try the other flavors not this one.
Captain Black gold is the perfect pipe tobacco. It's full-flavored with a smooth finish. Smells great too (says my wife). Everywhere I go, people stop and ask me what type of tobacco I'm smoking because they either want to try it or want a loved one or friend to try it. Some people say it smells like hot chocolate,some say it smells like vanilla. And you can't beat the bulk price from
A couple of months I ordered my husband a 4-tin sampler pack of pipe tobacco. Today he drove all over town looking for Captain Black Gold, his favorite brand. He tried to smoke the brands I bought, but did not like any of them. So right now I am ordering 2 lbs of Captain Black and hope it gets here real sooooon! Question: What do we do with the four cans he doesn't like?
Your servise is great I enjoy my captain black -gold-thanks. I missed the promotions to get a couple pipes,if you put in I will be more happy to give them as a gift for fathers day, thanks again.
By itself, it seems to be a bit weak. It doesn't have much flavor, but I could see this being an awesome blender!
This is really good! The more I smoked it the better it gets. I'm really glad I decided to give it a try. Cool burning, No Bite Great taste, burns through on one good light. I tried Captain Black Black Sea and Captain Black Royal, that I really like so I'm trying the Gold! This blend has a real tobacco taste. A very good all-day smoke! I going to start buying a lot more of it. It is a good blend for anyone!
I have smoked Captain Black Gold for over thirty years and I occasionally switch to another brand. But most other brands sold in pouches are harsh and dry, even filled with sticks and debris. So, I find myself time and again, coming back to enjoy the soft, smooth cut of CBG, which tamps evenly and burns slowly. It remains my all time favorite of pouched tobaccos.