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Captain Black Royal

Captain Black Royal is one of the best-selling pipe tobaccos in the world, and it’s no wonder why. This blend is a smooth mixture of golden and Black Cavendishes with a pleasantly light and sweet flavor that satisfies at any time of day.

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Customer Reviews of “Captain Black Royal”
This was one of my first tobaccos that I have tried, and I have to say I am a fan. It has a very nice, mellow tobacco flavor with just the slightest hint of a sweetness (though I wouldn't call it "sweet"). There's not too specific of a flavor, so I think anyone can enjoy it. I would recommend it for anyone starting to smoke or even if you just want that straight up chill tobacco flavor. Very nice.
BC of Monument, CO
This tobacco was one of the first i ever smoked when i first picked up a pipe. So when i want a guranted smoke that will sastisfy i will always go back to captin black.
TW of Odessa, MO
A friend of mine gave me the latter part of his pouch of Captain Black Royal to sample. While, I didn't absolutely hate this blend I didn't love it either. There's a sort of perfume-y flavor to this blend that I couldn't get past. Actually, I couldn't tell if it was perfume or marshmallow. It's definitely not similar to Lane 1-Q which I noticed that some other reviewer mentioned, as it lacks the element of a cigar flavor that 1-Q seems to have at least on my palette. I smoked a single bowl of this, and it was enough for me to realize that i wouldn't want to smoke anymore of it. It smells great in the pouch, but in the bowl it's as if you've set a bottle of perfume alight and are trying to roast a marshmallow. If you like how that sounds, then this is probably the blend you're looking for, but if you're looking for the same steadiness that Lane 1-Q or Captain Black White present in their flavor pallet, you'll want to keep looking for another blend. In conclusion, it's a sweet flavor with a very overpowering almost floral perfume sweetness, it has none of the cigarish flavor of Captain Black White or Lane 1-Q, if you don't like a sweet tobacco, if you don't like a highly floral tasting tobacco, then this probably isn't something you'll enjoy.
MM of Cleveland, TN
the reason I will continue as a return customer is the personal touch I got when buying from yall.....yes yall im from Louisiana wasn't 3 min. after I made a purchase I got a call. and yall also have the tobacco I love,maybe i'll get a pipe soon mine is a little old.tyvm for being the store with a soul. Danny edwards
DE of Kenner, LA
Definitely my favorite of the Captain black blends. Spicy, smooth, and smokey. I have the same issues with this as I did with Captain Black White though. Humectant. It makes it hard to keep lit, Burns hot, and lots of tongue bite. Let it dry out for a long while and it will be one of the best OTC blends you will have.
PH of Deer Park, NY
All around good tobacco. What I started on and it always is a pleasure to smoke.
JG of Hot Springs Village, AR
I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. I daydream about it while I'm at work. Great room note, wonderful taste.
JF of Yulee, FL
This was my first pipe tobacco I bought for my churchwarden pipe. It took me a day or two to get used to the style, but once I did, it was very enjoyable. I picked up a few cigars I used to smoke prior to, and honestly, I think this tobacco and pipe smoking in general has ruined me for cigars lol.
MS of Perrysville, OH
To me this is the best OTC blend there is! If you want a rich vanilla taste that is actually present look no further. I won't touch CB White but this stuff is awesome! You really cant get enough of CB Royal.
MK of Schaumburg, IL
Typical of CB, nice pouch note, nice room note. The pouch I bought was not overly moist. Nice burn with few relights. No bite, like CB Original can. Nice taste, a little mild.
BB of Valley Center, KS
A few months ago, this became my first ever pipe tobacco. It has a great, although slightly alcoholic, smell in the tin. The room note is pleasing to me and those around me. The taste is a nice sweetness with a rich vanilla flavor. Really a great tobacco. While I definitely recommend this tobacco, I do not believe this makes for a good first tobacco. The reason is that it tries to give you tongue bite without much remorse. Most of the other tobaccos I have tried since are a lot more forgiving on that front. I no longer have a tongue bite issue but, to this day, when I smoke this blend I feel it threatening me a little... letting me know that it's not going to be as nice to me as other tobaccos are if I get careless. Still, once again, great tobacco.
BR of Lancaster, CA
Still my favorite. I like a mild smoke with no bite and Captain Black Royal delivers every time.
RE of Leesburg, FL
A very smooth smoke. It tastes a bit like Irish Cream.
KT of Greenville, NC
I stayed away from this blend for some time, assuming that it would be horrible. Up until recently, I'd seen it sold at drug stores all my life. And most of the OTC blends I've tried, I have not liked. Well, I bought an ounce of this stuff...and imagine my surprise when it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite bulk blends - Lane's 1-Q! After a bit of digging online, I find that many believe this to be VERY similar to 1-Q, if not exactly the same blend. I can't say for certain it's exactly the same, but I can tell you that I've smelled both in separate containers over and over, and can't tell the difference in aroma. I've looked at them side-by-side, and they look the same to me. I've smoked 'em both, and they seem the same to me! So much so, that I dumped my Captain Black on top of my 1-Q, and labeled the Mason Jar "Capt Black Royal/Lane 1-Q - Same." I can't even look into the jar and see where one begins and the other ends. "Well, that's all interesting, Mr. Gray, but what are your conclusions?" I would say, it's great! Try it! BUT...if you find you really like it (like I do), just buy the 1-Q in bulk. It's cheaper. And you can call it Captain Black if you want to. Heck, buy a bulk ounce of each and try it for yourself.
JG of Cantonment, FL