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CAO Cherrybomb

CAO Cherrybomb is a unique type of cherry aromatic. It starts with superior quality Virginias and mellow black Cavendish with is gently flavored using a zesty cherry note which is softened with a creamy vanilla note for a wonderful aroma and a subtle flavor.

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Customer Reviews of “CAO Cherrybomb”

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I've really enjoyed this blend. I had to let it dry out a little bit because it had a little too much moisture and was smoking very hot which gave me tongue bite, but after I've led it dry out it's been great to me. Smokes great and taste good too.
I absolutely enjoy this. The cherry is very prominant, but the vanilla not so much. But that is just fine. I will absolutly buy more of this delicious blend.
I'm not a big fan of cherry but like some around for variety. I really like this one and it's the best cherry I've ever smoked. There are only small hints of vanilla but the cherry comes through loud and clear without being overpowering. There is no bite whatsoever and it burns pretty good. I love it and will be ordering more in the future.
I am a aero smoker who has tried many cherry blends. Cult was my favorite but they messed with the blend somehow. This one has a good room note,mild to sip on [don't suck it hard or it will get you]. I would give it 4 1/2 put of 5 stars for flavor,strength and aroma. Yes it does need time to dry out of the tin [5 minutes] but after that light her up,sit back and enjoy the full rich flavor and aroma.
So, this Cherrybomb is good. I'm actually smoking it right now as we speak. It's good and so is the room note. I recommend it for fans of cherry tobacco, such as myself.
For being an aromatic and for being a Cherry flavored aromatic it's quite good. My wife loves the smell of the smoke, it has a great taste. Reminds me old grandpas old aromatic pipe. A few draw backs is it tends to heat up a bit both in briar and Cobb and trying to keep it low and slow to avoid bite is recommended.
Cherry Tobacco's take me back to my childhood, my dad smoked Cherry exclusively. I tried his favorites - Middleton and Paladin which only left me wondering why my dad choose these to smoke. I ventured out and started looking for something else. BOOM! I found Cherry Bomb. A room note reminiscent of my childhood in a tobacco that doesn't bite with a mild taste. Smoked the bowl to the bottom with 1 relight and no bitter taste at the end. I am going to have to order more of this!