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Dunhill The Royal Yacht

Dunhill Royal Yacht is a singular blend of bright Virginias for sweetness and darker Virginias for more body and richness. The tobaccos are matured, then combined and finally finished with a unique mixture of flavors to create a blend unlike any other.

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Customer Reviews of “Dunhill The Royal Yacht”

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On opening the tin you get a strong aroma of raisins that made me hungry. The flavor upon lighting is a full flavored Virginia tobacco. Easy to pack and stays lit wonderfully. Not my every day smoke but if I find it at a good price I would not hesitate to pick one up.
Royal Yacht, like all of the Dunhill blends available here, is the bomb! Great aroma from the tin , to the pipe to the taste and the room note. I have been enjoying it very much. One caution though, if you are easily bowled over by old Vitamin N i would smoke this with caution. It will tend to pack a punch as it goes through the bowl. I highly recommend this wonderful blend. 4 out of 4
Dunhill's Royal Yacht (RY) deserves 3 out of 4 stars in my personal review. I am a die hard Virginia tobacco lover, Dunhill Flake, Orlik golden slices, Peterson's 3 P's, Macbaren's Virgina Flake, just to name a few to give you an idea what I enjoy. RY is a full bodied tobacco, with a mild sweetness inside. The room note is not particularly aromatic, but tolerable by most. The tin note reminds me of raisons with a background of walnuts. There is a unique quality I cannot put my finger on that is prevelant in the begining of the bowl, but as you work your way through the half way mark the "uniqueness" fades. Like any Virginias the by product is water, yet there was absolutely no tongue bite what so ever. RY burns very nice, light gray ash to the end, relights are minimal if any. In any new tobacco I smoke three bowls in a new corn cob to achieve a well balanced opinion. The only reason I did not give it 4 stars is, the flavor; although very good, it seemed one dimensional, unlike other VA blends that change as you progress through the bowl. I will definitely buy more and keep in my rotation.
Royal Yacht was once quite "grand"--as it said on the tin, but, like other Dunhill blends, it has devolved from the masterful blends of the 1960's into a generic shadow of its former greatness. Either the old dude (if he's still alive) who created these wonderful, classic blends should come out of retirement; or another, (probably old) dude who REMEMBERS what they were like should try to re-create them.
This blend is an old favorite of mine. In the beginning it took me by surprise. The first time it smoked me instead of me smoking it. I tried it on an empty stomach and it punched me in the head and the gut like a fat kid would if he was jones-n for junk food like a junkie (speaking from personal experience). It really is an awesome blend when you enjoy it slowly. You can't puff away like an ol' school steam train and not expect to get punched. I learned to respect the power of this awesome, flavorful tobacco and It has remained in my rotation ever since.
Great Virginia based tobacco! Really enjoyed the flavor and sweet taste of the blend. I haven't had a blend from Dunhill that I didn't enjoy. Some may find the nicotine level to be a little on the strong side, though I find it to be the perfect level to sit back and relax after a long day. Give this blend a try for certain!
A very full Virgina with a big nicotine hit. Quite a luxurious smoke that for me, taken in small doses is a such a treat. Again, in small doses. Anything more and I am floored by it's strength. This was my father's favorite blend. Let it dry for a few minutes before packing. Once dried, this burns so very nice and fills the room with that Virginia toasty aroma I so love.