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Davidoff Scottish Mixture

Davidoff Scottish Mixture combines sweet Virginias. nutty Burleys, spicy Kentucky and some exotic Orientals which is lightly kissed with the smoky, peaty flavor of Scotch whisky.

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Customer Reviews of “Davidoff Scottish Mixture”

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Reviews of this mixture on other sites be darned. This is an easy smoking, clean burning, ribbon cut tobacco. This is the kind of tobacco great cakes are made of. Truly I don't know why they call it a "Scottish" mixture or why it's classified as an aromatic. It's no more aromatic than Prince Albert or Granger. And it's certainly not a whiskey flavored blend. So I really don't know about why it's named and classified the way it is. As for how it tastes? Imagine a tobacco very similar to Prince Albert, only of a much higher quality, nicer ribbon cut, and less oiliness, with a somewhat dark smoky woody flavor to it. This stuff likes to build a cake quickly and does so with far less oiliness that any otc blends including Prince and Carter.
Most "Scottish" blends have Latakia and various orientals. Although the description says it has come orientals there is no Latakia. What this is, is a flavorful, smooth smoke that reminds me of many of the Danish blends like MacBaren's Mixture Modern. The Danes typically top their tobacco with some type of liquer and the tin says this one is topped with a rare Scotch Whiskey, which is why it's called Scottish Blend I suppose. The tobacco is smooth, flavorful and simply delightful to smoke. The Virginias show their character in that it can burn hot if pushed.
I love this Tobacco, so smooth and a great smoke! This is my "daily driver tobacco" so to speak. I can smoke 3 or 4 bowls in a row with this and be perfectly content! I definitely recommend it!