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Escudo Navy De Luxe

Escudo Navy Deluxe is the gold standard of Virginia/Perique blends, and has been for more than 140 years.  Choice US grown Virginias and slowly fermented Louisiana Perique are combined, then pressed and spun, finally being sliced into coins. The flavor is lightly sweet, but has nice depth and a pleasant amount of spice. Even though it has been made by a number of different companies during its lifetime, Escudo still reigns supreme among Va/Pers.

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Customer Reviews of “Escudo Navy De Luxe”
It was interesting that I had bought a tin of Escudo a couple of years back but didn't want to open it because it was the only tin in my cellar and it already had a little age on it. I bought another tin just because I had to try it and now I have purchased another seven or eight. This is the best tobacco I have smoked and with 250+ blends in my cellar that's saying a lot. To me, there's nothing particularly complex about these flakes but their flavor is out of this world. Smooth, sweet Virginia with just a hint of Perique in the back of the nasal cavity. This is a mild to moderate strength tobacco that never bites, has a smooth, creamy smoke and burns well. It's a little pricey but I think it's well worth it. It's one of about 30 blends I currently have in my active rotation but I find I smoke more of it than any of the others. I highly recommend Escudo Navy Deluxe.
RS of Austin, TX
The undisputed "King" of Va/Pers! Order a tin and find out why. Deliciously sweet and tangy with a pleasant pepper sensation from the Perique. Easily one of the best tobaccos out there.
ND of Morristown, TN
One of my favorites, nice and mellow. Good for an all day smoke.
MM of Russellville, AR
Don't think about buying Escudo, just do it! Whether you fold and stuff it or rub it out, it's simply a fantastic smoke.
MM of Medina, OH
Top notch VaPer! If you haven't tried this, where have you been?
MW of Mound City, KS
I've been smoking a pipe now for just over a year. During that time I've tried about 15 different tins and I have to say that this is my favorite. To me it's a medium smoke compared to some of the others I've enjoyed, and it's my go to blend. Don't even think about buying this tobacco, just do it as another reviewer has mentioned!
ND of Nampa, ID
This is my first non-aro which goes without saying, it's also my first VaPers and it is phenominal. I went to my local tobacconist and saw this and being a Louisiana Native I felt it was only right to go with a Perique. It was nothing like I expected. To be honest I'm not sure what I've expected. I smoked it from my brand new Nording (my first nice pipe, stepped up from my basket briar) talk about a way to leave an impression on a new pipe. I got a little gurgle but I blame that on my inexperience with flakes mixed with the bigger bowl on the Nord. All in all the flavor had a hint of pepper which was a nice touch to the subtle sweetness it left. I knew salty and sweet was great, never thought pepper and sweet would be the true ultimate combo! I can't wait to light up my pipe again in the morning!
HR of Keithville, LA
Just echoing what everyone else has said - GET SOME! I'm a recent convert to Va/Pers. They're my fave non-aro now. I've tried several and this is the best. A bit pricy compared to some others, but worth it! Every puff is pure pleasure. Mellow, but full of flavor with a nice peppery finish. Strangely, as flavorful as it is, there is very little room note.
KR of Glen Burnie, MD