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Escudo Navy Deluxe

Escudo Navy Deluxe is an old classic pipe tobacco that has been around for decades. It is a Virginia/Perique spun cut tobacco that comes in coins that can be either folded and stuffed into your pipe or you can rub the tobacco out. This tobacco was produced by the Cope brothers from 1870 to 1936, at which point they were bought by Gallaher. Gallaher produced Escudo until 1994. A & C Petersen began production in 1997, and now the Scandinavian Tobacco Group is at the helm with the original presses. It is a medium to strong tobacco and one of the best tobaccos being produced today.

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Customer Reviews of “Escudo Navy Deluxe”
It was interesting that I had bought a tin of Escudo a couple of years back but didn't want to open it because it was the only tin in my cellar and it already had a little age on it. I bought another tin just because I had to try it and now I have purchased another seven or eight. This is the best tobacco I have smoked and with 250+ blends in my cellar that's saying a lot. To me, there's nothing particularly complex about these flakes but their flavor is out of this world. Smooth, sweet Virginia with just a hint of Perique in the back of the nasal cavity. This is a mild to moderate strength tobacco that never bites, has a smooth, creamy smoke and burns well. It's a little pricey but I think it's well worth it. It's one of about 30 blends I currently have in my active rotation but I find I smoke more of it than any of the others. I highly recommend Escudo Navy Deluxe.
RS of Austin, TX
The undisputed "King" of Va/Pers! Order a tin and find out why. Deliciously sweet and tangy with a pleasant pepper sensation from the Perique. Easily one of the best tobaccos out there.
ND of Morristown, TN
One of my favorites, nice and mellow. Good for an all day smoke.
MM of Russellville, AR
Don't think about buying Escudo, just do it! Whether you fold and stuff it or rub it out, it's simply a fantastic smoke.
MM of Medina, OH