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Lane 1-Q

1-Q is a blend of golden Virginia and black Cavendishes and a smooth flavor with an aroma that everyone loves. This mixture has been the largest selling bulk pipe tobacco in the United States for decades. See for yourself why it’s so popular.

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Customer Reviews of “Lane 1-Q”

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An oldy but goody. Usually described as "the oldest best selling pipe tobacco," and it is easy to see why. It smells good, the room note is pleasant to the observing noses and it doesn't taste like garbage halfway through. That being said, it is a standby blend that is pretty basic and doesn't have a lot of depth to it. I would recommend this if you are an aro fan (and somehow haven't had it yet) or need a blend that smells good, is cheap in bulk and doesn't taste like chemically burnt ash before you're almost finished. If you're looking for a complex blend, look elsewhere.
OK but not as good as I expected based on other lane tobaccos I have tried. 4stars.
Excellent mild blend. I have been smoking it for 18 years as my primary smoke. It's a light Cavendish with a touch of vanilla. The people around me often say the aroma reminds them of baking cookies.
I have been smoking this tobacco forever. It is mild, smoke cool (as long as you don't everwork it) and has an aromatic quality the is not only pleasing to the smoker but those around him. I have received many compliments by other around me when I have my pipe lit. Especially from the women who have told me that it smells a bit like chocolate. It is the perfect blend. You taste the nuttiness of the virginia, as well as have the fullness from the cavendish without being heaqvy like many cavensh blends. It has no flavorings or toppings, but then it does not need any. It is a great blend for beginners as well as the experienced pipe smokers.
I was given a few ounces of this a couple years ago. It was something I wouldn't have bought or even considered before. But after trying it, love this blend. It is now one of my regular monthly purchases. Very mild, pleasant smoke with mild earthy notes. It is very mild, and I use it in a 50/50 blend to cut other stronger aromatics. Some floural aromatics have a bite to them, but blending with this tobacco tones down that bite greatly. I love this tobacco as a mixer for several other blends. I regularly blend it with BVC and mixed with the vanilla makes for a very pleasant smoke, and note left in the room.
This is the best tobacco I have found, mild with no bit. I've been smoking it for twenty years. Also get good comments about the aroma too.
This was my first smoke out of a corn cob. Really good first impression for first time pipe experience. Enough to get to buy a briar and more of the stuff.
Always a cool and mild smoke with a pleasant aroma - without bite or aftertaste.
First time I have really smoked Lane 1Q and find it quite enjoyable. It is easy burning, stays lit, and has a fine room note. I find blending it with Lane BCA quite enjoyable. Lane 1Q has a natural taste being an aromatic, the aroma is vanilla/chocolate and enjoyable for those in close proximity. a fine everyday/all day smoke.
There IS a reason this is the #1 selling pipe tobacco. Try it and see if you don't agree!!!!!!
Great stuff! The first Lane I've tried. Great aroma and burns nice. Now one of my favorites!
lane 1-Q is not my favorite tobacco I felt it did not live up to the talk won't be buying it again
The smell out of the box was wonderful. Just a wonderful aromatic that will be one my regular tobaccos. Stayed lit well, had great taste all the way through. Definitely a must buy for all aro lovers.
After a 20 year hiatus from pipe smoking, this was the first tobacco I bought upon my return. It is a solid smoke every time, which is one reason for its popularity. An mildly aromatic easy to smoke tobacco for the novice or someone returning to the fold.
This tobacco is definitely pipe tobacco. It gives a lot of smoke and burns evenly. A friend of mine, who does not enjoy pipe smoking at the present, commented that it smells like chocolate covered raisins, oddly enough. I haven't gotten tongue bite from it and have nothing really bad to say about it. Great stuff.
Awesome and it has no bite I be getting more of this
I think I've finally found my everyday smoke, between this and McClelland's VBC. Mixed 2 to 1, they marry together into a delightful cloud of mildly sweet vanilla/butterscotch goodness. Don't get me wrong, 1Q can hold it's own just fine by itself, but I crave a slightly stronger flavor and the VBC kicks it up a notch. The 1Q is great for a early morning smoke when you want something mild that pares perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. Now I just need to wait for a sale and buy a few more lbs.
Thanks for the exellent tobacco!! Love every bowl full!!
Exactly what you'd expect out of the best selling tobacco in the world. Not overly sweet like some aromatics but not too heavy either. Good all around.
It's easy to see why it's the number one seller, its a great smoke, but lacks depth, extreme wet, but nobody ever complains about the aroma, most people walk up and compliment the aroma or how it reminds them of someone they once new that once smoked a pipe
Lane 1-Q is the aromatic that I judge all other aromatics by. Its not the best, but it is certainly the standard. A solid, enjoyable smoke every time. Wonderful aroma both out of the jar and in the bowl with a light room note. It's easy to see why this one sells so well.
Very enjoyable. Classic aroma and no bite. Excellent!!
Just received 4 Oz of lane 1q and I am smoking my first bowl as I type wow this is what I have been looking for. All I can say is great. Best tobacco I have ever smoked
This is the blend that has kept me enjoying the fine art of pipe smoking. An easy smoke with a very pleasant room note. While this is great for veterans it is perhaps the best blend to introduce new fellas to. I know if I hadn't been introduced to 1-Q I would have laid the pipe down after the horrible experience with the blend I first tried. Thankfully 1-Q was out there waiting to bring joy to a beginning pipe smoker's bowl.
Excellent flavor, wonderful aroma, relaxing, all around great blend.
The best aro on the market plan and simply.
Great everyday smoke. This can be a go to tobacco in anyone's rotation. Burns cool and the aroma is excellent even to non smokers. If I had to choose one aromatic to smoke this may be the one.
I bought a couple of ounces of this tobacco because I wanted to see if it lived up to it's reputation... it does. I think I just discovered my favorite aromatic. It smoked cool and tasted great to the very bottom of the bowl. I'll be ordering a lot more of this.
To me this was not like Captain Black, it was more like Sir Walter Raleigh aromatic. The first bowl I smoked, I was not too impressed but I kind of hurried through it. My second bowl, though found it to be very mild and reminded me of my grandfather when he smoked pipe. I think I'm going to really like the stuff.
Not as good as I thought it was going to be. Room note is amazing, and it does smoke very well, but just not my favorite.
My new favorite, I got enough to last a whole year.
The best of the best...smells great..never bites..not expensive...a great choice to blend with others...sometimes a little wet...but burns well to the bottom of the bowl. Never it by the goes fast...
I was a Holiday pipe tobacco smoker for 4o+ years and my father before me. I haven't found a satisfactory replacement yet. Am I the only frustrated ex Holiday pipe smoker?
This should be in any pipe smoker's rotation. I love this blend.
A nice every day smoke. A little light on flavor, but a good value. Better than the pouches of pipe tobacco sold at wally world.
I was expecting something good when I first bought this tobacco. I was smoking out of a corn cob. When it first arrived it was a little too moist. Once I let it dry out I smoked it and I was not impressed. I heard it was an everyday smoke, and it is, but if you focus and trying to find the flavors of the blend then this is not for you. I found almost no flavor and found it almost bitter around half way down the bowl. Though if you are working and not focusing on the blend then go ahead and buy a pound, but it is not a smoke to focus your complete attention on.
Absolutely amazing tobacco and at better price.every lane blend i've tried has left me wanting more
This is the Stella Artois of pipe tobacco. Nothing fancy, just consistently refreshing.
OMFG i absolutely love this blend. lane did something amazing with making this blend, HOMERUN . I get all gitty and excited when i pack this in my bowl , like a kid about to open a birthday gift. if you dont like this blend then your just crazy lol make sure to get an oz or 2 of lane BS-005 also the more you get the cheaper they get .. so get a ton you'll like it
I had purchased this without knowing that is was Lane 1Q from a tobacconist in Omaha. They called it "Windsor". They said they sell A LOT of it, which now makes sense! the smell is wonderful. It was pretty moist at first, but has dried out enough to be a pleasant smoke. while i wouldn't say its my favorite, it is a solid product. It was one of my first aromatics and will continue to be enjoyed.
This is a no nonsense pipe tobacco that is pleasant, great smelling, cheap and did I mention pleasant. Smells mild in the bag, lots of compliments from people when i light this up.
I can't tell if I like it or not. It's enjoyable one moment and blah the next.
I like the tobacco but my half pound arrived so wet I had to let it dry overnight on a paper towel so I could smoke it. I wont let it keep me from buying more but hopefully the next batch will be better.
Finally tried this, very pleasant, no unpleasant after taste or burn and very little ash. Burned very clean. Will be a regular of mine. Will still get Scotty's Butternut Burley tho. I love the honey nutty taste.
First pipe tobacco I've tried. I had previously smoked cigarettes for years and the occasional cigar. Pretty smooth smoke, much more mellow than it smells, and the room doesn't smell offensive at all after a bowl. I'm fairly certain I'll be buying more when needed.
Very, very smooth smoke. Nice and cool, and no bite! Love it all day long.
This is the one. Lane 1Q is 5 stars all the way. It is mild, with great taste has good room note, packs and lights easily and doesn't bite no matter how you smoke your pipe. 1Q is my go to tobacco.
I can see why everybody loves Lane 1-Q. It smokes cool, burns slow and even and just enuff sweetness .
Not too bad if you're into aeros. Casing is vanilla on the light side. Smokes a little wet and does well to dry out a bit.
I have been searching for a suitable replacement for Flying Dutchman. I loved the aroma and that is actually what got me started smoking a pipe. The Flying Dutchman Match didn't do it for me. Actually, I mixed two parts of Lane Limited BCA with one part of Lane Limited 1-Q and experienced wonderful results. I had a fairly cool burn with just a little kick, lots of rich and creamy smoke, nice flavor, and a nice aftertaste that wasn't like an ashtray. I must agree with many reviews I have read. The tobacco burned all the way to the bottom, leaving a little white ash. For an Aromatic lover, BCA and 1Q are one fine smoke and hard to beat. JJ
There is nothing bad to be said about this blend. It smokes very cool with no bite, which is really unusual for an aromatic. It tastes very smooth and has an almost sweet and creamy finish. A lot of aromatics smell a lot better than they taste, but the same can't be said for this blend.I didn't expect much since it is so inexpensive, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The more I smoke it, the more I like it. It may even become my go-to smoke. I will definitely be re-ordering but this time I am putting in a much larger order.