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Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal

7 Seas Royal is a terrific mixture of specially selected flue-cured tobaccos combined with a unique steamed black Cavendish. The flavor is smooth, yet lively and the aroma will draw compliments from all quarters. This is a must-try for aromatic smokers.

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Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal”

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7 Seas Royal is one of my favorite Aromatics. It has a very pleasant tin note and room note as well. A sweet and mellow flavor is what you will experience. Burns nicely, can tend to be a little we though. I definitely recommend this tobacco.
This was my first tin tobacco as I am a new pipe smoker. I like it - sweet, and smelling it from the tin it's like raisins and dates with a hint of chocolate. It's very moist. Has a little bite to it. I now received Russ' Taxman Cometh blend, and I prefer that now over this one I think!
It has a very unpleasant moister that comes out when smoked. Other than than that it tastes fine, almost like a black and mild.
Got this in a bulk sample shortly after I began smoking a pipe. I had tried only a few different tobaccos at the time and this quickly became, and remains, one of my favorites. Never run out of it. No bite, no burn, just great smoke with a wonderful aroma. Get lots of compliments from people when this is in my pipe. I call this one a must have.
This is a very nice blend. I mix about 3 parts Royal with 1 part burley white and it is outstanding. Mild, no bite and great aroma. An all day smoke. The price is outstanding.