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Mac Baren Plumcake

Plumcake is made with rich, matured Virginias, earthy Burleys, a tangy Cavendish and a whisper of Latakia. Its enjoyable aroma comes from the measured enhancement of Jamaican Rum.

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Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren Plumcake”
A very nice smoke in between an aromatic and English. A mild spicy and sweet taste.
JS of Londonderry, OH
beside the smell of the tobacco at first. And by that i do not mean the room note i actually mean the smell of the tobacco. It is one of my favortie of the mac barens it was moist and stayed that way until i was done with the tin. The smell was great as well as the flavor of the tobacco.
TW of Odessa, MO
This one is a real treat. The nice spiced rum flavor starts off light and gets stronger as you go. The aroma is great as well. It is smooth and pleasant when smoked slowly. I highly recommend it.
PM of Falls Church, VA
A classic blend that embodies the best attributes of a non aromatic (flavor) with the bonus of a pleasant room note. The latakia is for the palate, that smokiness that an English blend smoker loves but....a rum/plum/fig/date kind of flavor to make it something else entirely. I prefer it in the 1 lb bag as it is loose to start and smokes cooler and dryer for me than in the tin. If a combination of great flavor and aroma appeals to you, give this a try but if from the tin, rub it out well, fluff it up, dry it a bit and pack firm but not tight....sit down, take your time and have found a new friend!
TT of Mansfield, OH
This fall when my oak leaves fall,everyone is invited to rake up as much Plumcake as they want. Smelled and taste like burning oak leaves,with Mc tongue burn.
BM of Massillon, OH
I really enjoy this blend. I can get a little bit of a latakia fix in all while leaving a pleasant aromatic room note for others around me. This is one of the blends I always bring with me on family vacations.
AG of Bakersfield, CA
Has a nice mild spiced flavor. A hint of sweetness and rum.
KS of Gentryville, IN