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Paladin Black Cherry

Paladin pipe tobacco contains Burleys and Virginias and they meld together with a Black Cherry topping to create both a satisfying and delightfully flavorful smoking experience.

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Customer Reviews of “Paladin Black Cherry”

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Very strong cherry aroma (which is good since it's a cherry-flavored tobacco). Room note "sociable", however in terms of taste it seemed like I put some cough medicine in my mouth before inhaling a mild tobacco. It is smooth, however, and mild. I'd recommend this to a beginner who didn't want to spend a lot on his/her try.
Nice pouch aroma. Smokes hot and can bite a lot. Does not taste very good. If you like cherry blends you can do a lot better than this one.
This was one of my "firsts" back in the late '70s. It's been impossible for me to find locally this year, when I craved a trip down Memory Lane. I'm SO glad I found it here! Thanks, P&C!!!
This is one nice smoke, good sweet flavor without the bite, with great aroma. Also a great sweet smell right out of the pouch. One of my favorites. If you like the sweeter side of pipe tobacco, then this is the one for you. I know you will enjoy it.
I haven't tried this in years! I see bad reviews and I see good reviews. I really enjoy this tobacco. It is one of a few cherry blends which I enjoy. It has a wonderful pouch aroma and a great room aroma. It is mild and I have never had any problems with bite and burns to the bottom of the bowl. Will be ordering more of this!
Paladin was an unsmokeable mess several years ago. Since the manufacturer has changed, Paladin is now a totally different animal. The quality of tobacco, flavor and aroma is wonderful now. I tried three pouches just to be sure my first pouch wasn't a fluke. I think the change to high quality tobacco made all the difference as the bite is gone and the bitterness has been eliminated, also the cough medicine cherry flavor has been one toned down and to, upgraded to a much more natural black cherry flavor, before it was a Shasta black cherry soda topping. I am very happy to see Paladin back to its former glory!
Some of the reviews made me worry about this one but it isn't too bad. First off I'm not a cherry fan but like a little variety so buy a pouch or tin of cherry here and there. This smoke reminds me of Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic with a Cherry flavor added. It can bite if smoked too fast but is fine otherwise. The cherry flavor is evident in the taste and room note but is not overpowering. I actually like this as well as any other cherry I've tried and for a lot less money. I might buy this again when I get a hankering for cherry.
An "alright" smoke, if money is an issue it is a decent well burning smoke. There are a lot of better tasting cherry blends out there, but in a pinch if you love cherry the price is right.
Good old Paladin, fine choice for rich cherryfull flavor, very cherry smoke.