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Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce

Molto Dolce is a runaway hit for Sutliff Private Stock. Excellent sweet Virginias, mellow Burleys and superior black Cavendish are married with essences of vanilla, caramel and honey for smooth flavor and an outstanding room note.

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Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce”
This (Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dulce) was one of the first tobaccos that I smoked, its a great aromatic that doest have an overpowering flavor. There is a vanilla room note that pleases the people around me and the smoke is sweet and light but full bodied. Becareful though this tobacco should be smoked slow because it is prone to tongue bite. This is an all around great smoke when smoked properly.
CT of Union, NJ
I'll preface my review by saying I am an aromatic fan, but I don't smoke aros exclusively. That being said, I LOVE this blend. My top favorite so far as far as aros go. Better than Captain Black White and better than 1Q. It isn't soppy wet and when it burns it doesn't get that same chemical ash taste when it is done. The tin note smells like vanilla, chocolate and brandy. It doesn't taste like brandy though, but the vanilla and chocolate are present in the smoke. The smoke itself isn't thick, but it didn't leave me feeling like there wasn't enough either. I highly recommend this if you like aros or are looking for something new if you want to try an aro again (for those who don't usually smoke them). I found this blend after seeing it recommended on reviews of other similar blends.
CW of Aurora, CO
This was one of the first tobaccos that I smoked, its a great aromatic that doest have an overpowering flavor. There is a vanilla room note that pleases the people around me and the smoke is sweet and light but full bodied. Becareful though this tobacco should be smoked slow because it is prone to tongue bite. This is an all around great smoke when smoked properly.
CT of Union, NJ
I must say molto dolce is the best thing ive smoked so far,a good smoke from the top of your pipe down to the bottom with no ash taste, but smoke it slow it can bite some.
JG of Alice, TX
Hands down the best flavor aromatic I've had. Bold sweet taste.I started blending 25% Vanilla Cavendish which only lightens the flavor a little. Blending prevents the tongue bite, since I don't have to draw as often and hard to keep the bowl lit from the wetness. Minor hassle but doesn't change the fact that this stuff is great.
I ordered a tin of Molto Dolce last week after reading the reviews. I have tried a lot of aromatics but tend to get tired of the taste after a while but this blend is very good. Upon opening the tin I noticed it was very moist, almost has an oily sheen to it. I thought for sure I would loose the last part of the bowl due to moisture but to my surprise, it lite immediately after the charring light and burned slowly throughout the whole bowl. I really enjoy the taste and has a very pleasant room note. The rich creamy hints of vanilla and caramel are wonderful. I wish it was available in bulk though. I just ordered four more tins. Will keep it in my rotation.
MM of Russellville, AR
Before I tried this tobacco I had been searching for the "ultimate" in sweet aromatic tobacco as I am a die hard aromatic fan and adore sweeter smokes. The reviews I had read about Molto Dolce all suggested this tasted as sweet as it smelled, the entire www full of glowing reviews of it's caramel flavor. When it arrived, I have to admit I was a bit put off. It did not smell as I had expected from the reviews. After a short drying period, I lit up my first bowl...and wasn't blown away. It wasn't bad, but I didn't get the near universal praise this brand received. But as I kept smoking it my tastes began to change, I started to catch the complexity of the tobacco. Though it's not the candy smoke it's often said to be, I have to say Molto Dolce is one of the better tobaccos I've ever smoked for some unexpected reasons. Scent: This smells like vanilla with hints of liquor and even raisin in the tin. It's very strong but smokes much smoother than it smells. Room Note: Exceptional. It leaves a sweet and mild fragrance that others have enjoyed. Taste: This tobacco will not bite no matter how hot I smoke my bowl. I smoke outside and it's often breezy here so hot bowls are often unavoidable for me. Certainly it's sweeter if smoked gently, but even hot the smoke is pleasant. You clearly detect the vanilla and raisin flavors. It does get a bit ashy towards the bottom, but then what tobacco doesn't. As it burns to the bottom, peppery flavors begin to show which adds to the complexity of the first half of the bowl. All in all, this is among the most well balanced tobaccos I have ever smoked. It's a pleasure from start to finish that offers an above average experience in any of the metrics you can weigh a tobacco by. This is one even English smokers will likely enjoy.
ML of Danville, PA
i would marry this tobacco if i could. i'm a VA, VA flake and VaPer smoker almost exclusively. but i'm not an aro-snob. if something smells and tastes delicious, smokes cool and doesn't bite why would you not want to smoke it? this blend is just the slight bit goopy but doesn't have a chemical bite to it. it smells wonderful and tastes smooth and relaxing and decadent. stop being a snob and smoke a bowl once in a while.
MS of Rego Park, NY
Has to be my favorite aro. Its creamy, sweet and very smooth. A little drying time really seems to help this blend. Enjoy.
TD of West Glover, VT
This is a great aromatic, smells great outta the tin, the tobacco is ready to smoke right outta the tin and has a great creamy vanilla, caramel flavor. The room note is wonderful and this tobacco has zero tongue bite. You cant beat the price too!
JF of Mililani, HI
The tin note and aroma is just about the only thing this tobacco has going for it. It is the wettest smoke I have ever had. I even experimented with different sitting times, 5 min, 10 mins, 30 mins, 6 hours. Yes, I had it drying for 6 hours and it was still a goopy, sticky mess. The tobacco stays lit and burns at a semi-cool temp, but I've never had such a wet smoke as this one, as compared to other aros. I like a good aro, but this one isnt dry enough.
This blend took a good while to dry, and the volume of tobacco in the can isn't great, but the flavor more than makes up for those shortcomings. This smoke is just wonderful. The honey and caramel really comes through and makes for a great after dinner smoke with a cup of coffee. Absolutely no bite here!
DK of Los Lunas, NM
So good!!
JF of brookfield, WI
I enjoyed this tobacco and will order it again.
BM of Levelland, TX
This blend smells unbelievably good while in the tin and when smoked. This is something that people who do not smoke as that I smoke around them as it is very enjoyable. It burns pretty well when dried properly but I have to say this blend comes very wet and can take considerable amount of time to dry enough to smoke with out burn. I tend to now use this blend with filtered pipes.
NB of Annandale, VA
Has quickly become one of my favorites. Great taste, great room note. A little wet but quite good.
TS of lakewood, OH
Can't say enough about Molto Dolce, This is my one of my absolute favorite pipe tobaccos. Extremely pleasant crowd pleaser. Vanilla notes with a hint of caramel and honey. Somewhat bites if smoked to fast though.
PB of High Springs, FL
WOW My favorite now.
RL of Danielson, CT
LOVE IT! ...and so does everyone else in the house. It's like having desert.
DS of Santa Clarita, CA
Molto Dolce has become my favorite candy. First tried it 3 months ago, and have reordered several times. Smoke it almost daily. If you like your tobacco sweet, this is the one.
JS of Honolulu, HI
Simply the finest aro I have ever tried. I always have a tin of this in my cellar and it is the first I have others sample.
PI of Kalamazoo, MI
We have a winner! I received a tin of this as a free sample, and I must say...I will be purchasing additional tins of this fine tobacco blend. The room note is amazing and the wife has blessed it with her stamp of approval. Molto Dolce is a great indoor smoke. I love the think billowing smoke it produces as you puff away at it. An earlier review said it was like smelling a bakery, I agree. When you first open the can it has a phenomenal smell. It is wet, and does pop at the start but once you get going you will not want to stop. You definitely should consider picking up a can.
JH of Dutton, VA
This tobacco is extremely goopy and wet with a large amount of maple casing on it. It is enjoyable if you're in the mood for something sweet, just make sure you dedicate one pipe to it because you will be cleaning out the cake on this one a lot.
BW of Hixson, TN
This is a nice aromatic. It's sweet and tasty. If my wife liked aromatics, I'd have this more often in my rotation. But thus far, for aromatics... nothing comes close to HH Vermont Meat Candy.
HT of West Melbourne, FL
I got the Molto Dulce as part of a "starter kit" since I am a cigar smoker that wanted to try a pipe. I tried the other tobaccos first just in a random order. I just opened the tin this morning and have had 2 bowls already today. This is the best I have tried so far. I will definitely get more once I have finished this tin.
TO of Concord, NC
Rich and creamy? Vanilla, Caramel, and Honey? How can pipe smoke be "rich & creamy"? Mainly what I taste with this one is a very ever so slight hint of caramel. The "room note", is a very slight very very very slight hint of vanilla. Now keep in mind this is not just my opinion. I asked every one that came over today, and gave some out for people to try. And this review is the consensus of every one that was here.
RB of Dayton, TX
Wanna know why there are so many reviews? Because it may be the best aro ever made! Done. (drop mic)
MK of Schaumburg, IL
This is by far my fav Sutliff blend so far. The tin note has hints of liquor in it, but when I smoke it I get the caramel and vanilla the most. Room note is very pleasing as well. This is also a blend that stays lit very easily and despite my best efforts to smoke it fast and hard, did not give me any bite.
RH of Boone, IA
One of the best aromatics available. Certainly, my favorite at this point. The aroma from the tin seems almost too sweet, but after lighting, there is a toasty, slightly spicy with a nice nutty background that entertains your palette through the whole bowl. One of the amazing things about this blend is NO tongue bite.
SL of Stone Mountain, GA
Such a delicious tobacco. I am a fan is sweet aromaticsand this is the pinnacle of that choice. After 2 bowls I ordered more immediately. This will be my evening treat until some other delight captures my attention.
HM of Moreno Valley, CA
Been smoking aros for 42yrs. And this is one of the best I have ever tried. Also my very first can weighed that it only had .7 oz in it . I contacted pipes and cigars about it and in just a few days another can arrived they didn't have to do that. They truly want to make things right for their customers.Thank You p.c. Your the best. A very happy customer.Dsb in N.C.
DB of Zirconia, NC
I am normally a Seattle Pipe Club Miss. River man, but this tobacco is just too darn good NOT to smoke, or just smell. When you open the tin, you're NOT sure if you want to smoke it or sprinkle it on ice cream, REALLY rich! I just ordered tin #4, my 1st one went to my son on his visit from Colorado, I have two more and now, #4! I was disappointed in the last tin, it only had about .7 or .8 ounces in it, but... This is worth your while, it makes no difference if your a regular Virginia or Engish man!
DK of Lake Forest, CA
This is review #2 for this tobacco... One of my shipments of Molto Dolce came in with about 1/2 a can at about .8 oz in tobacco. I called up P&C and they couldn't help me fast enough! Good tobacco and great service. Good reason why I continue to get all of my tobacco's from P&C!
DK of Lake Forest, CA
Great smooth, sweet taste!! no bite back. very aromatic. love this tobacco, will definitely order more soon.
GD of Shirley, NY