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Smoker's Pride Vanilla Cavendish Pipe Tobacco Sale

Smoker’s Pride Vanilla Cavendish is a mild and smooth blend of tobaccos with a soft and smooth vanilla top note.

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Customer Reviews of “Smoker's Pride Vanilla Cavendish Pipe Tobacco”

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I got this pipe tobacco in my store and I just want to say I would give this a 1- out of a 10 it smokes great and very cool but there is no smell of vanilla that comes from this pipe tobacco it is not a aromatic the pipers pride cherry is the same way
Thanks to the low prices offered by Pipes and Cigars I am able to continue enjoying the pleasurable smoke I get from my pipe. I am a regular buyer of Smoker's Pride Vanilla Cavendish Pipe tobacco. I appreciate the smooth, rich tobacco flavor this brand delivers repeatedly. My wife, a non smoker, tells me she appreciates the non tobacco smell of the pleasing aroma of the Vanilla blend. It is a good buy, and a good smoke.
Hey, as far as the cheaper brands go, this is a really good smoke for the price. Not overbearing...just right, in my opinion. I also like to combine this with the cherry from time to time...mix things up a bit. Great value!
Got this as a tryout for aromatics and was not disappointed. It was good enough to give me confidence in trying others. It smokes well and tastes good if you are getting a very thick smoke draw, a light draw warrants a low flavor content in the smoke. The only downside is it is somewhat difficult to keep going without "chasing" the embers, but let it dry just slightly and you'll love it too. ~~~ 8/10
Not bad for a value brand. It's smooth with a nice aroma. I don't really detect any vanilla flavor though. I'm sure there are better vanilla blends available.
I love the smoker pride vanilla. It has no bite , and doesn't burn to fast the flavor is very mild.
Was looking for a smooth rich vanilla to try out, I bought the Smokers Pride Vanilla Cavendish and was not disappointed with it for a value brand it has no bite and draws smooth also leaves a very pleasant room note that people tend to enjoy 7.5/10!!!
Good cheap pipe tobbacco...very mild...good flavor...light vanilla flavor. If a little wet, let it dry for 2-3 hours and burns well once you dry it out. Over all, good all day smoke.