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McClelland Craftsbury Collection - Frog Morton's Cellar

Frog Morton's Cellar is a smooth Latakia-based blend containing Virginias, but no Orientals, with the smoky leaf added in a moderate amount. But what makes this blend so unique is the addition, in each tin, of a cube cut from a stave from a whiskey barrel, which gently infuses the leaf with a subtle, tangy note that sets it apart from other English-style blends.


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Customer Reviews of “McClelland Craftsbury Collection - Frog Morton's Cellar”
One of my favorite English blends. Particularly enjoy the whiskey flavor the stave adds to the blend.
AH of tracy, CA
As a recent return to Pipe Smoking I have tried Captain's Black, Various Russ Monthly Blends, Comoy's Cask No2 and No5 and this is by far my favorite. Alot of the aromatics are too light or too sweet for me and many of the pure English blends I find too harsh or too much like firewood. I keep trying others but I like this medium blend with bourbon notes. Rich satisfying pipe tobacco.
SN of Laguna Hills, CA
This was my first time trying a Frog Morton blend. I didn't care much for it. It smells like burnt wood and tastes the same way. Oh well. I think I am more into aromatics.
BW of Pomona, CA
This was the first time I tried Frog Morton Cellar tobacco and I would have to say that it was an excellent smoke. I like the whiskey flavor smell to the nose also burns very well and cool. Will buy more!!
BA of Akron, OH
The excitement starts when you open the tin. A beautiful but not heavy whiskey aroma hits you, and there's a chunk of stave in there to boot. The whiskey flavor in the smoke is subtle. The latakia doesn't over power. A real treat and it's now a staple of mine.
BP of Watertown, MA
Packing for a three week stay at our second home. Grabbed three tobaccos: Frog Morton cellar, Nording's Hunter Fox Hound, Scott's Butternut Burley. Plus, I have a supply of McC.'s Dark English 5110 already up there. Surprised me too. Guess these are my favorites. (At least for the next few weeks).
DW of Hollywood, FL
Great blend, a little on the sweet side for an all day smoke. Love the flavors very dynamic, as u smoke through the bowl u get everything from whiskey to stone fruits to leather. Again not an all day smoke but amazing in its own right. The stave cubes r a little gimicky ( i dont think they really add any flavor or control moisure) but tobacco is fantastic. 4/5 stars
AG of Delray Beach, FL
I love this stuff! Of all tobaccos that I have tried in the past 10 years, this is the best!
SW of Tallahassee, FL
Tastes great, I'll be buying lots of this
RB of Lufkin, TX
Mild Latakia that's non offensive for an aromatic smoker, Virginia sweetness complimented by the whiskey blend thats equally non offensive for the non aromatic smoker. Overall a superb blend that combines the two different approaches of pipe tobacco into one providing the perfect amount of each. Trully a top grade blend!
JJ of Plainview, TX
I'm not experienced enough to give you an accurate description of the flavors I'm pulling through this. What I can say is this is my favorite tobacco to date. And I've tried quite a few. It is definitely smooth, and such a fantastic smoke, especially for the price. And whatever it's purpose is, I love the wooden cube that comes with it. I'll be collecting them. Try it out, you shan't regret!
SM of North Beach, MD
I ordered a tin of this stuff not so long ago, and am I glad I did! The tin note is a mellow sweet whiskey smell with the smokiness of the Latakia in the mix making it a well rounded delicious smelling English. And honestly tastes a lot like how it smells. This blend has been my everyday smoke for a couple of months now and I plan on keeping it around for quite some time... Excellent!
MP of Hammond, IN
It seems to smoke pretty hot in my bulldog, it smells and taste ok, not impressed, I am waiting on some other FM blends to try out. I did notice it got better as I let it age for a few days after opening.
EJ of Queen Creek, AZ
Opening the tin notice a 1" x 1" chunk of charred wood in the tin. Very strong smoke, did not notice any whiskey flavor and burned fairly harsh ,hot,smoky. Not what I was expecting after reading other reviews. Will not get again.
CB of Manvel, TX
This should be in every pipe smokers rotation. The balance of flavor is a thing to behold. I've been a regular pipe smoker for the last few years. I had some trouble finding my sweet spot of what I liked in the beginning. Frog Morton's was introduced to me just as I was about to give up the hobby and stick with cigars exclusively. I'm so glad that I tried this blend and new just how amazing pipe tobacco could be.
BG of Wichita, KS
This is the first Latakia blend I tried. Very nice, mild, smoky, whiskey flavor. I just bought another 2 tins. This is a keeper.
ML of New York, NY
This stuff is so good I want to eat it.
MM of Sumrall, MS
For others making the transition from aromatics - this is where its at. I find myself opening the can to smell it sometimes b/c its just a captivating aroma. I like whiskey. I used to really like smoking cigarettes, and missed it long after I quit. Took up pipe smoking recently on a whim. Started with aromatics and most of it was disappointing. It would smell good and burn completely differently. BSA vanilla and a locally made Creme Brulee, but other than that, it was really unsatisfying. Was thinking maybe my fancy Peterson was a waste, but I tried this, and kapow - now that's good stuff. It's hard to explain, but it is satisfying in a way aromatics have not been to date. Now I'm excited to try more English type blends - maybe starting with some of the other Morton's. The Bayou sounds interesting. So if you have kicked the filthy lousy habit of regular cigarette smoking, but truly enjoyed the leaf and miss the practice of smoking, I'd say this stuff has a better chance of making you happy than any of the aromatics. YMMV of course.
RN of Schwenksville, PA
Pure Amazingness, my favorite tobacco by far.
TS of redondo beach, CA
I love the other FM blends and wanted to like this too. The whiskey smell, unfortunately, really put me off. I'm not sure why, but it just didn't agree with me at all.
ND of Morristown, TN
As someone who has been wanting to crossover from Aro's to English tobaccos, FMC is quite simply my favorite tobacco to smoke right now. I give it a 10! It is that good. Both the aro lover and the English lover can enjoy this one together and not argue over which one is better.
BW of Hixson, TN
I cannot say enough good things about Frog Morton's Cellar. It was really my first big foray into English-y blends and made me a Latakia convert. I've read lots of folks say the whiskey stave is just a gimmick, but I can attest that if you sip this stuff slow enough, you'll get the nice whiskey undertones imparted by the stave. This stuff truly is a delight and is extremely easy to enjoy without having to concentrate on it.
PM of Minnetonka, MN
What a great blend. Just sweet enough to be an aromatic yet smokey and spicy enough for some to call it an English. I love it. Easily in my top 3 favorite right now.
MS of Spruce Pine, NC
Do I like Frog Morton's Cellar? Well...first, a little story. I asked the lovely people at P&C what an aro-lover should try for his first venture in English blends, and they recommended a few that included FMC. The description, reviews, the Tokien reference, the whiskey barrel stave all screamed that this was the one to try. Unfortunately, when I ordered some, P&C accidentally sent me original Frog Morton, but they quickly rushed FMC out the door as soon as I alerted them, which is yet another testament to their fantastic customer service. But I be honest, I didn't enjoy my first bowl at all. I expected woodsy smokiness, but there was this weird umami thing going on that confused the heck out of my palette. It was almost like Worcestershire, maple syrup and ketchup coming to an aromatics party and arguing about who's more popular. However, on my second bowl a few days later, I began to appreciate FMC. Now, on my third bowl as I type this, I can honestly say that I understand and actually enjoy FMC and can pick out the layers of smooth complexity. That's really what this tobacco is all about: subtle complexity that begs for a prolonged, contemplative smoke. I'm sure with a little more time, this is going to be one of my all-time favorites and is going to be my gateway into heartier English blends.
JA of Antioch, TN
Frog Morton's Cellar pipe tobacco is an excellent English blend. This was the first english blend I ever tried and I was definitely pleased. The only problem I had was that the tobacco was too moist but that's not a big deal because you can just leave it open and let it dry a little. Other than that, the flavor was delicious and tasted sweet. The aroma is nice and Im always opening the tin to smell it. And the staves are a neat touch and are fun to collect. I highly recommend trying this tobacco. You will not be disappointed
NW of South Park, PA
Without a doubt, this is my Go-To tobacco!
BA of Patton, PA
One of my absolute favorite blends. I usually prefer full-bodied English blends, but this stuff is fantastic. The whiskey flavor adds a bit of sweetness to the blend which in my opinion, makes this the perfect cross-over from aromatic to English and Virginia blends.
DH of Fredericktown, MO
Out of the 20 plus choices in my cellar. . .FMC is in my regular rotation. Recognizing the diversity in our pallets, as a suggestion for some of those new to this pastime. . .give FMC another try in a corn cob pipe. You might have a positive experience.
Adding an update to my previous review. Even after just a couple months in my cellar, FMC has rounded out nicely (it's perfectly blanced for my taste). The latakia is a little more subdued, the ketchup/worcestershire smell and taste are pretty much gone, the whiskey is more pronounced and so is the sweetness of the Virginias. I had a hunch this would age well, but tasting like this, I'm not sure it's going to last long enough for me to see what it's like in a year! Better order some more...
JA of Antioch, TN
Just cracked open my tin of FMC and after just one bowl knew this was going to be one of my favorites. Smooth, smokey and the whiskey flavoring in the background is pure heaven. Great tobacco from McClelland!
TD of West Glover, VT
AWESOME!!! WOW! Just great, love it and can't get enough of it!
KH of Woodbridge, VA
This was a great smoke. Flavorful yet not to much. I haven't been pipe smoking for very long, but I have sampled about 2 dozen different tobaccos and this is my favorite to date. I would suggest this for anyone who hasn't been smoking long. Have a great day.
GQ of Bend, OR
Delicious! I am not someone who can give a detailed breakdown of flavor and nuances. So I'll simply say that this is a very tasty blend that I will buy again.
BC of Conover, NC