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McClelland No. 2020 Matured Cake

McClelland’s #2020 Matured Cake is unlike any other bulk flake. Lighter grades of Virginia are combined with a generous amount of one of the finest of all Macedonian Orientals - Xanthi. A condimental amount of Latakia is included for body. The blend allows the sweetness of the flue-cured tobaccos and the bright floral qualities of the Xanthi to shine.


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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “McClelland No. 2020 Matured Cake”

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3 out of 5
Dry and Bland. Not McClelland's best.
Came dry which is a surprise from P&C. As for taste. Bland. Not what I expected from McClelland but then again it is a bulk blend
5 out of 5
Love it
Fantastic! I love this blend. It's a little sweet. I blend this with other Balkans to sweeten them if their too hot. Just a pinch will bring the Virginia sweetness out. Very well balanced on its own.
4 out of 5
Age This for a Grand Experience!
I keep returning to this flake. Its a bit on the wet side but nothing a little drying out wont fix. I recently found a bag with about 3 bowls in in which was not jarred nor even put away specially in any fashion, just lost in a drawer. It could have been over a year and a half old, but conservatively lets call it a year thereabouts, give or take a bit. Well I was extremely pleased with the way the Virginia's(I assume) sweetened the mix. There was still some overtones of the Latakia which is why I buy the blend but the Va sure took control. In my limited experience 2020 Matured Cake ages as well as any I have tried. Straight of the ordering block its always pleasant but aged its an exquisite smoke.
Customer Testimonials
Wow,I'm lovin' this & will be ordering more,as I am going through this "test ounce" pretty quick. It kinda reminds me a little of Penzance,burns down to a fine white ash. Great baccy !
Excellent - some of the best i have had. Perfect combination of latakia, orientals and virginias. Highly recommended.