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Captain Black Dark

Introducing Captain Black Dark! This is a pure black Cavendish made from premium Green River Burley that has been steamed and richly flavored. The flavor and aroma are sweet, with vanilla and dark fruit notes. This is destined to be the next classic in the Captain Black family.

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Overall Rating 4.71 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Captain Black Dark”

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5 out of 5
Prompt Shipment of a great product
The Captain Black Dark was shipped and received very quickly. The bulk is good quality. Obviously the same as the individual packs/cans from the manufacturer. Very good tobacco, my favorite.
5 out of 5
CB Dark
Always being a fan of the Captain, I had to get some of this. I ordered 3 ounces and have almost gone through all of it. It's a more full-bodied than the other blends, and it has a great taste. I would definitely recommend for any smoker.
5 out of 5
A winner for sure!
Very nice and smooth all-day smoking tobacco.
5 out of 5
Love this site and how its organized. Timely delivery and always fantastic quality.
4 out of 5
Captain Black Dark
I am new to tobacco. I have tried and enjoyed English blends and am now branching out into aromatics. This stuff is nice. Smells like candy. Pretty wet. Let it dry. Smoke it very slowly. Just get a good light in the center of your bowl and it will treat you well. It is as the name and reviews suggest. Rich, sweet, molasses... Lingers pleasantly.
5 out of 5
Captain Black Dark
Hello, I have been smoking pipe Captain Black white pack for many years and I must say that I am very pleased with Captain Black Dark. It is perhaps one of the coolest, No bite tobaccos I have yet to try. Very pleasing!!
4 out of 5
this aromatic blend is nice
Customer Testimonials
What a wonderful new smoke. I have smoked Captain Black regular for many years, A definite new adventure in taste and aroma I will definitely by a tin on my next order.
Favorite Captain Black. I seem to get undertones of plum or raison. Get some you'll be happy you did.
Good smoke. Best in a large cob. Still prefer Captain Black Royal.
I have been a pipe smoker for about two years, and have tried lots of non aromatics, aromatics, and English. Captain Black Dark was one of my first tobacco, and has been one of my favorites.
A good blend by all accounts. Room note has been frequently complimented. A few things to note, first is that this is a coarser cut leaf. Still packs well but worth mentioning as it takes a little practice to pack properly. Second, this tobacco seemed to me as an almost pure aromatic blend. Almost all I could taste was what i believe to be the Casing on the tobacco (the same but stronger than that of royal). A great and very sweet vanilla flavor. Not my favorite but for aromatic lovers this can be a go to blend.
My new favorite mourning smoke, had 2 bowls this mourning, it smokes cool, nice room note, no bite at all, hope they put it in large can.
I knew I liked the Captain Black Dark but wanted to try the bulk before reviewing it. I received my 5 ounces today, loaded up and headed to the porch. The bulk is ever as good as the pouch so it can save a bundle if you order 4 ounces or more. This Dark is smooth with no bite and it burns good. It is pure pleasure!
Subtle sweetness is what I get from this blend. I will have to dry it a bit as it did not like to stay lit. But this is definitely a good solid "all day smoke" that will be one of my regulars.
I recently took advantage of the Captain Black sale to purchase some Captain Black Dark which I really like. However, the bulk version seems to not have the same flavor and aroma as the previous tobacco I purchased in the single 1.5 oz. packets.
AWESOME and fast delivery.
Was a pretty good smoke, no bite at all, will buy more of it just to have around.
I received a pouch of this in the Great Place to Start kit and this is a very enjoyable smoke. A smooth tobacco with great aroma, and my wife agrees. I have been an avid cigar smoker for 4 years (CAO, Man O War, Cohiba, and so on) and just started pipes. I'm glad I got this as one of my first pouches.
I found it very mellow and no bite at all. Good morning puff, but I find it only smokes well in my cob as the larger leaf cut tends to plug up my briars so I am constantly working it with a pipe nail. The cob gives it a very mild taste.
I agree wholeheartedly with all the above. i wish it would come in large tin.
Well I could be wrong but I think Captain Black Dark is the same as Lane BCA.. in fact I was on another web page and noticed the manufacturer of Capt Black Dark was listed as Lane Ltd. I looked at both and looked the same and smelled the same. Either way they both smoke exceptionally well. A great after dinner smoke for me.. very pleasant room note and really no bite to speak of. I think that if more beginners would start with this tobacco, we would have more pipe smokers.
Captain Black Dark is one of my favorite smoke's
So far I have tried Captain Black Cherry, Royal, and Dark. Dark is by far my favorite! It's smooth and smells great!
My new Favorite from Captain Black! It smokes very tasty and has no bite at all.
I thought Captain Black Royal was the best, but Captain Black Dark is every bit as GREAT. A delight for pipe smokers everywhere. Enjoy!
This blend is an excellent addition to the Captain Black line. So much so that the Captain should become a brevet Rear Admiral immediately. It is much touted to have a vanilla/fruit note. I, however, find that the main taste is a pancake/maple syrup note. It isn't bad, mind. In fact, it's great. It puts me in mind of the hotcakes and syrup from McDonald's. It isn't going to win any complexity or innovation awards, but that isn't what the Captain Black line is for. It's there to be consistent, tasty, and easy to smoke. This new blend holds the name up quite well.