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Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding

English/Balkan Pressed Tobacco Rich blend of Latakia, Orientals, Virginias, Perique and a little something extra. Say Hello to Plum Pudding™ ! Ahhh, what an exquisite tobacco! This Seattle Pipe Club Blend was created by our own blending guru, Joe Lankford. Plum Pudding is simply a legend in our Club. Many members say it is their perfect tobacco. Delicious, smoky, spicy and positively addictive. Problem was, Joe nearly wore himself out blending so many special requests. So our friends at are blending the precious mixture to Joe’s exacting specifications. Now our Club treasure is available to the world—in limited quantities. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Customer Reviews of “Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding”
Wow I'm the 1st to review? Well then, after tons of positive reviews on YouTube I decided to try a couple of ozs. This stuff came in one big 2oz chunk which I like. Smelled kinda of smokey with maybe raisin in the back? Anyway lit up and I was impressed. Smokey, spices peppery zing on my tongue but not overpowering and then a very mellow pipey sweetness sprinkled in. Was I blown away? No. Was I pleased? Yes. This tobacco is a hella good value compared to the $8-9 tins that are the same. I think with a couple months this blend will settle down nicely. I look forward to many nights 6 months from now on my patio enjoying plum pudding. Thanks P&C
JA of Greendale, WI
I'm new to the world of English blends. I've tried some lighter blends and this is my first "full" English. Wow. This stuff is great. Smokey, woodsy with a nice spice to it. I get sweet notes and nutty notes. I really like this stuff. I got some Miss. River too, which I've yet to try but I have high hopes as Plum Pudding is quite nice. I will definitely be ordering more of this to cellar. Thanks P&C and Seattle Pipe Club for this wonderful blend.
AM of Tuscaloosa, AL
Plum Pudding is the perfect example of how one person's feast is another's famine. Simply read a sampling of the reviews for proof of this and the fact that reviews are...entertainment at best. I will not linger for long and offer up uninspiring analysis. I love the stuff and thank Joe for dreaming it up. I discovered it a couple of years ago when like many I began a useless quest to replace Penzance. It's not that venerable tobacco and I don't care. It's rich, tasty and satisfying. Whatever the "something extra" is is yummy!
KK of Chicago, IL
If you like smoking Potpourri this is for you. Its been a year since I purchased 2oz. Out of the bag I tried it and separated the other ounce and cellered the rest for 6mo. The first ounce out of the bag smoked very floral with a hint of latakia. It smoked similarly in the cobs and meer. It got better at the bottom of a conical pipe where the latakia was more pronounced. The cellered half which I just finished was a bit more robust in latakia goodness but still maintained that floral quality. (I've bought a $15/lb bag of 'best of the rest' which also gave the same floral taste) I mixed some DunhillNightCap with Best of the Rest and got something very similar to the Plum Pudding. My preferred smokes are Irish flake and Brown Rope #4 with a daily smoke of Carterhall blends. I did not like Plum Pudding and will not order it again.
JD of Charlotte, NC
Just recently I went to blends with Latakia and Perique mixed in, needless to say I am hooked on these flavors--To me Plum Pudding is a lot more exciting than Mississippi River and it has become one of my go to blends--I liked it so much I ordered 4lbs of it to avoid the dreaded "backorder", and to let it sit for 6 months or longer to see if it improves with age--Good Stuff in my opinion
RL of Mesa, AZ
I feel this is a great way to get introduced to English/Balkan blends. If you like Mississippi River, but are looking for a little more beef to go with your meal, this baccy will fit the bill. This has got meat and potatoes written all over it. Some don't like it, but you wont know until you try it. There should be a Bronze Statue of Joe Lankford where people can sit and smoke his blends and pay tribute to a master blender.
JN of Oneida,, NY
This is one of my favorites. Very tasty, tons of flavor and quite smooth. Great smoke indeed.
AC of Raymondville, TX
Being a Balkan fan this is probably one of the best. Latakia,Orientals and Virginia which lay in the background. Excellent!!
CA of Phoenix, AZ
I was on the hunt for english blends, and I bought 1/2 pound to sample since even if I was disappointed, I could still use it. Well after one pipe, I know that this is a grand slam home run. There are other tin brands that this competes with, and is more economical. It has the taste that I'm looking for, at bulk prices, I would most likely buy it by the pound. I will buy more of this as soon as I whittle down my stock a bit. Just the taste I was looking for, and at a price I like as well.
RM of Frankfort, KY
Delicious! It's not an aromatic, yet, it's not quite a non-aromatic either. Must be that "something extra." I love almost all Balkans and have only ever been slightly interested in "sweet smokes." This is my "desert" blend and it satisfies that ever so slight desire I have several times a week for a sweet experience, without sacrificing body and natural tobacco flavors.
CG of Santa Clarita, CA
This pipe tobacco is very good for what it is; smokey and spicy. Not really what I was looking for initially ( I like my tobaccos after a meal, so I like sweet tasting dessert like tobaccos. ) but I can't say it's a bad tobacco. If smokey and spicy is what you are after, look no further!
RO of Pratt, KS
I originally tried Mississippi River as my first actual english blend, I was smoking aros like lane RLP-6. I ordered several tobaccos from this site and loved them all! Frog on the bayou, lane blwb. All great.. Kept hearing about plumb pudding and thought is try it. Only got an ounce... Bad idea... A week later I'm on here again getting 4 more ounces. Lol great stuff! I like it a bit better than MR but both from seattle pipe club are my two fav all day smokes! If you like MR or just love a complicated English blend go for it! Even if your new to english it's a great choice. Was for me.
MA of Christiansburg, VA
Absolutely delicious. This blend really surprised me. I was unprepared for the delicious taste experienced in all my pipes. The tin aroma is magnificent. I think Plum Pudding is an accurate description that fits this perfectly. Maybe it's the taste, but sometimes I get hungry after smoking this blend. Funny thing is I never eat plum pudding, but I sure do smoke it!
MS of Effort, PA
Tobacco arrived clumped together. I had to use a grinder to get it to where it was able to be smoked.
ZB of Poplar Bluff, MO
It was too we mixed it with Trout Stream (50/50) which made it less harsh.
SM of Lakeside, OR
I gotta say...this is a tough blend to describe, but an absolute great one. I ordered 2 ounces based on reviews. I went through it rather quickly because I really enjoyed it. Very smokey, nutty, a sweetness, and I do taste a saltiness. The only way I can describe this is in terms of trail mix. Eat a handful of a mixer of very heavily smoked salty peanuts and some raisins and I think your in the ball park of what this tastes like...IMHO of course. It's very tasty and I'm looking forward to having MUCH more of this on hand.
SS of Monroe, OH
Plum Pudding hit the mark for me! I am primarily a fan of English blends but this one is everything that I like. Just wonderful to sit and relax with a bowl of Plum Pudding. Keep it commin! Thanks, Joe!
MS of Greensboro, NC
Although not an every day smoke for me, this is a great blend. It's a fantastic mix of sweetness, boldness and smokiness. I was actually surprised when I realized that it doesn't seem to do nearly as well as SPC's Mississippi River.
MA of Brookhaven, NY
This is definitely a top of the line English/Balkan mixture. It comes in a "Krumble Kake" which is perfect for a fast puffer like myself and it remains a cool flavorful smoke all the way to the end which, in the case of a #5 Dunhill is about 2 hours away. No pipe cleaners required and at the end your tongue does not feel like you've been eating flaming hot wings. Just a great rich tobacco flavor. This is what tobacco used to taste like back in the 60's. Can't speak for the bulk as I only order 8 oz cans.
WH of Brunswick, GA
Tried Plum Pudding today, and agree with the other reviewers. After 2 bowls, I back ordered an 8oz tin. Great stuff!
NG of Lynn, MA
love it can't wait to get more
KK of Chicago, IL
Just an example as to how tastes can vary from person to person. I didn't like this one bit. It tasted like oily brine water to me.
KL of San Antonio, TX