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Angler's Dream

My dad loved to fish, and he was good at it too. When he had a line in the water, he would also have a pipe in his mouth loaded with one of the old “foil pouch” blends. This is my tribute to those solid, reliable smokes - light, pleasant aroma, easy on the palate and tongue. Angler’s Dream takes it a step further by using higher quality tobacco and delicate flavors while keeping the price affordable. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews of “Angler's Dream”
This is a very interesting tobacco because it appears the blender has attempted to give his customers a tobacco reminiscent of the Drug Store or OTC Burley Blends. I am a fan of both the Burley Blends and the old Blends such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Prince Albert, so of course I readily gave this tobacco a try. Angler’s Dream like many of these blends has a very subtle tub note; I’m picking up the slightly sour note of the burley along with a sweet maybe spicy cinnamon aroma. This is a very enjoyable and tasty smoke that’s perfect for those times when you want something mild. The cut is a very nice semi-ribbon tobacco which is deliberately dry but packs nicely. It burns well with no tongue bite and a good room note. Not a complexed flavor but an all-day smoke that you will enjoy. Here is where this blend and the old foil blends depart; Angler’s Dream has no chemical smell or feel. If you like this genre, you should certainly give it a try. This could be the Burley Blend you wish you could buy at the drug store.
BS of Overland Park, KS
This is very nice. I enjoy this in the morning with my cup of coffee. I catch a hint of cinnamon and chocolate when I first opened the tin! Nice mild tobacco, burns down to a fine white ash. No bite and was easy to lite!
JK of San Bernardino, CA