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Esoterica Penzance

**Limit 1 Bag Per Customer**
Penzance is a modern legend. It's so popular that when we receive it, it's literally all sold within an hour. This is a sturdy crumble cake with a good amount of Latakia supported by choice Turkish and Oriental leaf and wonderful, sweet Virginia. The tobacco is firmly pressed and slice for convenient preparation.

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Esoterica Penzance Sale Shipping Constraints
8 OZ BAG Supply Limited by Manufacturer Out of Stock $49.99    
Esoterica Penzance Shipping Constraints
2 OZ TIN Supply Limited by Manufacturer Out of Stock $19.99    
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These items cannot be shipped to a Washington state address.
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Customer Reviews of “Esoterica Penzance”
This is a fantastic tobacco that is over priced and almost impossible to get. As much as I like it I have a tendency to simply ignore it. I feel the same way about Stonehaven also. These fabulous blends are nice to talk about and review, but, if I'm not able to obtain them I simply move on. After all there are many great tobaccos that rival them and are more reasonably priced and always available. Because of this I really don't miss not being able to get it.
DC of Derry, NH
Scarcity creates desire, however, there is something to be said in regards to its "sold out" nature everywhere you look. Its a hit from some but for me, I thought it was over-rated and over-priced for what it was. There are so many tobaccos that are just as good or even better, I cant justify this blend anymore unless its more readily available in the future. Kind of bland. A good pack and burn, but thats pretty much it.