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GL Pease Haddo's Delight

Haddo's Delight takes the Virginia/Perique genre and stands it on its head. Beside the sweetness provided by the Virginias and the Perique, a bit of unflavored black Cavendish is added to lend a subtly sweet depth. On top of that dark Burley is added for body and a touch of nuttiness. The entire package is finished off by a light topping to tie the flavors together.

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Customer Reviews of “GL Pease Haddo's Delight”
Who Is John Galt? GL Pease is... John Galt! Haddo's Delight is the Pentacle of Va/Per Bacci. Being a scholar of Aleister Crowley, & realizing the inspiration for this blend. Mr. probably do not realize, that Perdurabo got his blends from local blenders & that there is no telling from what tobacco these blends contained. Virginias, Burley's, A request for Rum Soaked...Who knows? Strong Peppery Perique's! Aleister Crowley would have smoked them. This blend is perfection in a tin, for those that are searching for the Perfected Virginia/Perique blend. Your Quest for the Holy Grail, has come to an end, as mine has. Smooth sweet raisin rum veiled in Strong pepper Notes...Transforming into a creamy Union at its finish. Until GL Pease divine's the Exact Magical Formula of To Mega Therion's mystical blend, Haddo's Delight is a must for the Perique explorer to experience for H(I)MSelf.
JE of Macon, GA
This is a very enjoyable perique blend with a fair amount of complexity. It has a nice aroma and smokes well. However, it's not my favorite perique and there are several that are less expensive that I think are better. Worth a try though if you like to sample different perique blends.
KR of Glen Burnie, MD
GLP's Haddo's Delight is a decent 'baccy that can be smoked all day or; as I prefer, after my midday meal. Pull a bowlful out about a half an hour or so before to let it air/dry out a bit to reduce relights. Not overly complex, but enough to keep it interesting.
DA of Fort Worth, TX