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GL Pease Laurel Heights

Laurel Heights begins with very rich red Virginia specifically blended to deliver sweetness, but in a subtle manner. There's a somewhat toasty character present that's quite enjoyable. There's also a very slight touch of Latakia, but in such small quantity as to be nearly imperceptible.

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Customer Reviews of “GL Pease Laurel Heights”

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I am pleasantly surprised with this blend. A red VA with a very Tiny pinch of latakia. I don't taste the latakia nor smell it. It's been used as a true condiment. It seems to add some fullness to the Red VA. The VA is truly up front and a nice mouth feel with a good medium strength level, nothing mind blowing. Smoked slowly I am rewarded for my patience with a light sweet taste and satisfying experience. From the tin it feels a little dry but trust me don't pack it like a dry tobacco. When I did, it seemed like I was always brining my lighter to it even when just having general conversation with the wife. You know, put it down for a few seconds and damn, had to fire it up again. Pack it a little loose and yer off to the races! A fine blend for sure. I WILL be purchasing more.
An absolute favorite. I can't tell you how many times I've come back to this old stand by. It's wonderful on the palate, and nice under the nose. The description is a little much/wordy, but for certain...very clean after taste, clean smoking, rich and complex flavors, not over powering nor too subtle. I give it 5 stars! "in bulk" would be nice to save a few$