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Hearth & Home Marquee BlackHouse

The winning blend from the Chicagoland Pipe Show 2011. We're proud to introduce BlackHouse. This blend is a tribute to a great tobacco of the past. Made for the 2011 contest it was judged to be the closest overall to the dark balkan-type mixture it was designed to emulate. For you Virginia Heads it's loaded along with Kentucky, Balkans, Turkish, and even a smattering of Black Cavendish.

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Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Marquee BlackHouse”
This is one of my favorites! An excellent blend of fine tobaccos. BlackHouse is well balanced and very tasty. If you want to try an English blend with great flavor this in the one! Very distinct and also mellow enough to smoke all day.
DW of Central Point, OR
Very pronounced Latakia with a nice bite from perique. I love this blend. Strong flavor and a great burn.
MW of Mound City, KS
I am not good at reviews but I did like this one ALOT. I heard that it came really close to an old blend that is hard to find. Being that I will never be able to taste the other I will never know the comparison. Just the aroma of opening the bag alone gets 5 stars.
SM of San Antonio, TX
If a Blender has managed to create a better blend than this one, I've never smoked it. Black House is powerful, enjoyable, well-balanced, and it has just the right amount of tasty perique to make your mouth happy. This blend is as good as tobacco gets.
I just received my first order from P&C which included Town Topic, Golden Extra and a tin of Black House. Purchase was based on reviews; I like them all very much but the Black House is in a league all its own. At first light up, it immediately got my wife's attention. What is that, she says? We tried to identify the room note, mysterious, sultry, exotic aroma. I smoked three bowls of it in one evening. I plan to dedicate one of my Savinelli's to this wonderful blend. The taste is wonderful, no bite. It does burn a bit fast and the transportation to the past is over far too soon. Having never had the opportunity to try the classic 759, it must have been wonderful if this is an example of it. I plan to make this one of my favorites.
MM of Russellville, AR
This is def a full throttle English blend with a strong latakia and incense like room note with a spicy character. The sweetness/tang of the Virginias show up intermittingly and quickly fade. Becomes fuller towards the 2nd half. Still trying to figure out the best way of packing this blend. As with most of H&H blends this stuff arrived very much on the dry side. So much so that I may try to hydrate it a bit. Definitely a quality blend and recommended.
BS of Slidell, LA
Thanks very much H&H!! Nuff said.
JG of Peoria, AZ
Perhaps being a newb I don't know what I'm doing (still figuring out how to get the right pack in the pipe) but I'm barely getting any flavor and minimal smoke output from this tobacco. I'm used to a full flavor cigar.
JR of Yelm, WA
Didn't like it at first. But, after 2 weeks of letting it sit, I absolutely LOVE it!!!
CG of Santa Clarita, CA
Rich and flavorful English mixture, outstanding aroma
You read about these legendary tobaccos that were better in the 60's or in the 80's or got discontinued. This is one of those; in 20 years, you can say you smoked it. If you're smart, you can buy 20 pounds and sell cans on the internet for $500 each (by then). Smooth, sublime and amazing.
JL of Martinez, CA
This black house is the best blend for your buck out there. Smoky, sweet, burns well, what more can a guy ask for? I wish I could buy this by the bale.
JA of Greendale, WI
Room note reminds me of a campfire. I like to pack a pipe of this and let it sit just for the scent. Burns smooth and clean.
MB of slidell, LA
Outstanding, 'nuff said.
DF of Galveston, TX
I ordered this about three months ago and just opened the tin. Now Im sorry I waited. A very rich and distinct flavor awaits you with a very smokey goodness that few bacys can compete with. If you like english, this is a must try. Thanks H&H!
TD of West Glover, VT
Disclaimer: I'm a new pipe smoker and not very well versed in the different tobaccos. I originally purchased a different H&H tobacco but it was on back order so I called in to change the order and BlackHouse was recommended by the rep at If you're new to pipe smoking, this might not be the right tobacco for you. I'm still trying to find what I do and don't like in a tobacco and right now, all I can say is BlackHouse is NOT the right tobacco for me. Just opening the tin I realized I had made a mistake. It is VERY smokey smelling (think about bbq'ing a brisket all day, this would be what your clothes smell like after) and I guess a spicy hint to it. Again, I'm still new to this so I apologize if I'm butchering the description, I just don't know how else to describe it. Either way, the smell is extremely strong and VERY powerful. Since you'll never know if you like it until you try it, I loaded up a bowl and took the dog for a walk. About 10 minutes in, I was done. Way too much of the smokiness for me and it just didn't taste that great in my opinion. About 45 minutes later I was still tasting it and it lingered on for a while longer. That said, I'm sure this is a great tobacco. Reviews here and other places seem great, I think it's just one of those "either you love it or you hate it" type things.
JH of Houston, TX
Oh the smell of this...just opening the bag was fantastic! The smell in the bag is really reminiscent of a campfire. I really enjoyed smoking this. It has so many different flavors going on and you get a different experience almost every puff. It was a little dry when I got it so it burned a little hot, so I am going to leave it in the humidor for a little while to hydrate it a bit, but otherwise this stuff is perfect! It is definitely an outdoor smoke though unless you want your house to smell like woodsmoke. It isn't an unpleasant smell like some English blends, but it is very distinct.
AO of Fort Collins, CO