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Hearth & Home Marquee Cerberus

Created for International Pipe Smoking Day in 2012, Cerberus is the most Latakia-forward of all the Hearth & Home Marquee Series blends.
Named for the three-headed hound that keeps the denizens of Hades from returning to the world, Cerberus' name refers to the fact that this robust, yet cool-smoking blend contains the three main condimental tobaccos - Latakia, Perique and dark-fired Kentucky. In addition, there's some excellent matured Virginias, and enough exotic Orientals to brighten the flavor, while making Cerberus' aroma even more intriguing.
The Latakia is a finer cut to deliver as much smoky goodness as possible, and it's best to pack this with a light hand. You'll be rewarded with lush, creamy smoke that will remind you of the outdoors. But don't take our word for it.

“A wonderful smokey blend, full of flavor that reminds me of sitting around the campfire. The Dark Fired Kentucky is the real star here, with the Perique making a great cameo appearance throughout the bowl. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly suggest you do.” -Mark W.

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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 Based on 10 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Marquee Cerberus”

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3 out of 5
Kind of a let down for me. It sounds like it's supposed to be exploding with flavor but it's kinda mild to me. The flavor I did get was good, just not enough. If I could give it 3.5 I would. But definitely didn't deserve a 4.
5 out of 5
5 stars
Great taste and burns beautifully in the pipe!
5 out of 5
Marquee Cerberus
I am not a huge fan of English blends, but I do enjoy them every couple of days. I cannot remark on the various tobaccos in this blend, but I found the taste to be very pleasant. It s a cool and flavorful smoke. The best English I have had.
5 out of 5
Pipe Hearth & Home package deal
I have always enjoyed Hearth and Home tobacco and was surprised to see a pipe package deal with 3 Hearth & Home tobacco including a lighter and a package of pipe cleaners. The pipe is beautiful. A little tight around the stem, but i used my dremel tool to bore the hole just a bit in the pipe and placed a little food grease on the stem. Now the pipe is not super tight and I can actually rotate it to my needs in different positions. To me the pipe is an A+. It would have a AAA+ if the stem was a little softer and not so hard. The lighter worked the first time I put butane in it and is also a Plus. I will keep ordering through Pipes & Cigars. Glad you guys are around. Looking forward to trying different brands and flavors. Rick in Wisconsin
4 out of 5
An excellent, mild smoke appropriate for any time of day. I especially enjoy it with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.
5 out of 5
A very nice smoke. One of my favorites.
5 out of 5
Reminds me a bit of tamarind.
Yes, it's good. Very good. The initial taste is mostly latakia, but that soon fades a bit, and becomes less dominant as the other components emerge. The result is smokey, musty, tart, with a perfect amount of sweetness. As someone who smokes cigarettes and uses snus, I'm not the best judge of nicotine content, but I find this to be very easy and enjoyable to smoke even though it's bold and spicy. Great value, too!
4 out of 5
Cerberus by Hearth and Home
Just opened the tin today. Initial aroma is very smoky as I expect. This tin seemed to be dryer than most English tins. Easy to light and burn. Packed lightly in two different pipes, it is a good smoke but even though I have been a pipe smoker since about 1967, I have never liked a lot of Perique. If you like Spicy, which is what I get so far, this one is for you. In the Marquee Series, I am a fan of WhiteKnight.
5 out of 5
Buy it
ThIs is my favorite pipe tobacco, I try to smoke the other ones that I have but this is 100 times better in comparison. It smells fantastic and have a very strong taste.
5 out of 5
Three pats on the head to Cerberus!!!
A wonderful smokey blend, full of flavor that reminds me of sitting around the campfire. The Dark Fired Kentucky is the real star here, with the Perique making a great cameo appearance throughout the bowl. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly suggest you do.
Customer Testimonials
This is a mild latakia blend. Curious, the tin was only half full, but the weight is as advertised.
I find myself coming back to Cerberus. Every time. There is something about it I can not resist. I see the tin and must open it. The moment that distinct aroma hits me, I have to smoke it! A cool Latakia smoke but more. I have yet to put my finger on it, but the combination of this tobacco just hits the right spot for me. No one I have smoked around likes the room note, so you might want to take it to a place where you and Cerberus can be alone. It will ghost your pipe so you want to have one or two dedicated to it. (I have 3 lol). I highly recommend.