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Hearth & Home Signature Virginia Spice

Virginia Spice is ideal for the pipe smoker who really enjoys the clean, sweet spiciness of a mixture of matured Virginias, but who wants something a little different. The difference comes from the use of cool-smoking Perique for a bit of plum and pepper and the addition of maduro cigar leaf to add creaminess and body.

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Overall Rating 4.67 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Virginia Spice”

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5 out of 5
My new favorite.
Smooth, creamy, & spicy. I got sweetness from the Virginia, a little raisin from the Perique & just a tad of cigar at times. I could smoke this all day!
5 out of 5
Highly recommended
I could smoke Hearth&Home's Virginia Spice all day, as it is a perfect all day smoke for me. Surprisingly for a VaPer with cigar leaf, it's mild to my palate, and the draw and intake are smooth and very flavorful. Virginia Spice fills the bowl easily, smokes cool and provides a smooth draw, particularly out of a medium sized or larger bowl. The cigar leaf melds seamlessly with the other tobacco components.
5 out of 5
Good Stuff!
Virginia Spice is a good, satisfying smoke. Nice perique smell and taste. All the tobaccos come together for a smooth, rich tasting, and clean burning smoke. VaPerCigar. Good job Russ. A fine blend indeed and I am cellaring it deep.
5 out of 5
Wonderful stuff
A delicious blend. Thanks again to P&C for yet another delightful mixture.
4 out of 5
Mildly Enjoyable
Smooth, creamy smoke. Pairs perfectly with black coffee or a stout beer. Has a smidgen of bite, but that could possibly the shoddy pipe I used. I suggest this. It's a tasty smoke.
4 out of 5
exactly as advertised
The bag note when I first opened this baccy up was an acidic/citrus flavor, I didn't know what to think. First impression with the char light was "wow, that's a little intense on the perique" but I was wrong. On the relight I got smooth and creamy Virginia flavor with a nutty/cigar room note that left everywhere I went smelling faintly of toasted peanut butter. The end of the bowl starts to get a little spicy, kind of like a good meal with some spice that builds the more you eat. Definitely a sipping smoke, it gets hot if you get too hungry with your puffs, which is tempting because it's a tasty smoke.
5 out of 5
Where have you been all my life ????
Virginia Spice, where have you been all my life? I thought for quite a while I'd not find another non-aromatic that I'd enjoy as I do MM American Patriot, but Virginia Spice is quickly becoming my #2 favorite Non-aro, maybe tied for first, maybe even edging ahead... I'm not much for describing flavor profile, I just know I like spice, cinnamon, and real tobacco flavor, and this has it all! thanks H&H.
4 out of 5
Anniversary Kake with a spicy kick!
Virginia Spice is an interesting baccy'. Its base of virginia's are very similar to AK, but the spice ( that I really can only describe as autumny goodnes) is what makes it shine. It smokes cool ( when not provoked) and packs easily. If you haven't tried this.......YOU NEED TOO!
5 out of 5
it was a nice experience
it was a nice experience very smooth smoke
Customer Testimonials
I've been fan of Russ's work for years but only recently got around to trying Virginia Spice. I'm a little surprised at the other reviews for this blend. For me, as a long-time VaPer AND cigar smoker, this stuff really hits my sweet spot. While I find it to be pretty mellow in strength, and I normally gravitate to the stronger stuff, I feel Russ blended this to perfection in flavor and overall balance. The best qualities of all three tobaccos compliment each other very well and it smokes cool and delicious right to the dottle. As far as any type of tongue bite I get none at all, even when smoking it hard and I've smoked it in a variety of pipes. Right now I've got 8 oz on back order and cannot wait for it to come in. This is absolutely my new favorite everyday/all day smoke.
This mix is nice. Albeit a bit light for my taste right now. I think I'll cellar it for a month or so, and see if it picks up a bit. It burns quite hot, even if you sip at it. Out of the bag, it has the taste of the virginias but little perique. I'll try it again around Christmas or New Year and report back.
I love Russ' blends and I thought I'd give this one a shot! I was not blown away though, I thought it was good but just not what I was hoping for. You definitely get some of the smooth creaminess of the maduro cigar leaf but, for me, there was just not enough spicey perique. Nevertheless, its a good tobacco if you want a nice creamy, all day kind of smoke!