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Hearth & Home Signature Mt. Marcy

Mt. Marcy, a particularly elegant Latakia-based mixture gets its name from the highest peak in New York. This medium-bodied Oriental/Balkan blend has a complex, delicate flavor and aroma. A great choice when you want the richness of Latakia and the bouquet of Turkish tobaccos, but don’t want anything too heavy.

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Mt. Marcy”

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5 out of 5
Hidden Gem
Perhaps my favorite of the fantastic line of English blends they offer. Deep and rich, but one won't find it terribly heavy. I really don't know how they achieved this balance. Incense all the way through. Not a beautiful cut, but what do I care? The flavor is simply sublime.
5 out of 5
MT MARCY is a fine ENGLISH where the orientals take the lead and the latakia are both present all the way through. Virginas provide sweatness and Turkish adds nutty balance to the orientals. You will like this if you want a mild to medium English with lots of flavor. The tobacco is a little dry but spot-on for most. The smoke is smooth and does not bite. Latakia lovers try Larry's Blend.
Customer Testimonials
The tin note was of smokey Latakia and the sweet hay from the Virginias. On the charring light the smokiness of the Latakia was the predominate flavor. On the true light the sweet hay flavor of the Virginias was added to the flavor profile. The spiciness of the Turkish tobaccos would wander in and out of the flavor mix. Mt. Marcy burned cool and well with minimal re-lights. I would not say that this blend is Latakia forward, but Latakia is one of the main flavors in the blend. I recommend giving the blend a try.
An unbelievable find...what a delicious flavorful blend. Not too weak, not too strong just full of this sweet flavor that just satisfies completely. I cannot believe I found this blend. This is one that basically sets the standard for me and I find myself comparing all other Balkan and English descriptions to this recipe before I make a decision to buy.