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Hearth & Home Signature Mazatec

Mazatec is earthy, slightly sweet and a bit smoky, in fact, the general character of the tobacco has been described as "mushroomy." This slightly aromatic Latakia blend is complex, rich and satisfying. Try something different!

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Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Signature Mazatec”

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One of the most unique and beautiful blends I have smoked in recent memory. Starts of sweet and smoky, the cavendish and latakia coming through. As you work through the bowl, the wonderful taste of a damp forest in the morning comes through. "Mushroomy", may in fact be the best way to describe it (plus it reminds me of mushroom hunting in Michigan). It puts out a fair volume of creamy smoke, and seemed to get cooler as I smoked. This was truly and experience, and may be a personal favorite. This really is a work of art!
I like this stuff, as described I do indeed think it has a "mushroomy" flavor, I don't quite know how else to describe it. It's smooth and tastes like mother nature.
I love this stuff! Will be buying more to store in large mason jars. It has a nice sweet outdoor smell, like that of the woods creating natural yeast. Those around me described the room note home made bread baking or a wine cellar. I don't get the mushroom taste, but instead it reminds me of good home made birch beer made simply from boiling white birch root in water.