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Hearth & Home Vermont Meat Candy

Vermont Meat Candy combines two great flavors - maple and bacon. We start with a Cavendish that's been given a deep, sweet maple flavor and then we added dark Kentucky that's been fire-cured with hickory wood, which delivers the flavor and aroma of hardwood-smoked bacon. Just think about those Sunday mornings when you'd dip your bacon into the syrup from your pancakes and fell in love with the sweet, smoky and salty flavor. Now you can have that flavor without the calories or cholesterol!

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Overall Rating 4.66666666666667 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hearth & Home Vermont Meat Candy”

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5 out of 5
Hearth and Home Vermont Meat Candy
I always get some when available, it's difficult to describe. You get a tone of bacon, sweetness of maple and a general smokiness. All subtle but distinctive.
4 out of 5
No bacon, but like de-stinkified English
Wonderful stuff, but marketed wrong. Maybe if you've never, ever been exposed to hickory in any other way than hickory smoked bacon, you'd associate this with pork. It's more like the pleasant feel from a good campfire. To me, it's an introduction to a robust English-TYPE tobacco without the shoe leather stinkiness. Great room note, too.
5 out of 5
Breakfast for dinner...
I ended up packing the bowl about an hour before I was ready to smoke (life with kids!). My index finger smelled like breakfast and I refused to wash it! I bought this blend because I thought my wife would enjoy the room note. She enjoyed the pouch note from across the room, the lingering smell on my hands after packing, and the aroma while I smoked it. It had no bite, and it stayed lit incredibly well. This was just a delightful and enjoyable aromatic. I am in sampling mode right now, but I can see this one staying in my rotation for a long time.
Customer Testimonials
Absolutely tasty blend. Subtle smoky taste reminds me of bacon with just a hint of sweet maple at the finish. Could smoke this every day
One of the best blends I've had in a long time. No bite great room aroma and it actually tastes like it smells. This is definately an all day smoke. I'd also like to add a good word for Pipes and Cigars, a great company to deal with' all the blends you could possibly want with fast and over the top service.
So I get this email from Pipe and Cigar - "National Prime Rib week" (or some such BS.) I read the store about this tobacco; funny enough. I then go online and read several reviews. Then I see Russ is giving away a pipe with a small order. What the heck! This is becoming one of my favorite aromatic smokes. This is maybe one of the only aromatics that taste just like it smells. The wife likes it too. You truly can close your eyes and believe some one's cooking bacon. If you like aromatics and you like sweet... you're gonna love this.
Just ordered more of this. Tried a sample and was hooked. Tasty sweet maple & hickory smoked goodness, but not too sweet.... like boiling down maple sap a bit upwind from a smoke house. A must try for aromatic and non-aromatic smokers... sort of a semi aromatic to me, since the tobacco supplies much of the smoky flavor notes... could ramble on and on about it's virtues... an inspired and imaginative blend. Recommended!
This is one very tasty blend. For many years now I have smoked a blend that is almost identical in taste from another source. It was a bit to sweet for me, but the taste of hickory smoke and maple was a taste that I loved. This blend is exactly what I wanted, and at a cost that is $10.00 per pound less.
A delightful maple taste that isn't overbearing, smooth sweet didn't taste the bacon flavoring. Would suggest to others wanting a mild aromatic.
This is a very unique aromatic. It's not a overdone, sickening aro, But a well thought out one. I like this very much. Maple sweet and hickory smoke. Autumn Evening is superior in the maple department and has better quality Virginia's, but if you want something more balance with a little variety, Meat Candy is hard to beat. Autumn Evening is Maple and Butter, this is Maple and hickory smoke. Delicious, will buy again !
I cant say enough good about this blend,it has dark fired in it so right off the bat its a plus for me. Soon as I lighted up the first bowl I got compliments from my wife about how good it smelled,the smokey taste from the dark fired mixed with the maple is just the right combination. Even if you don't like aro's this one you should try,its not a heavy aro. I just bought 1lb of this because its always sold out and is my #1 all day smoke.
This blend is great....I will definitely be keeping this on hand.
I am not a huge ARO fan, but this is some tasty stuff! I don't get much of the bacon, but the maple is distinct and delicious!
Good stuff! Smokey, slightly sweet and makes a great all day puffer; especially while working outdoors. Will keep some on hand at all times.
Simply put a wonderful relaxing tasty blend. Smells like a sugar house with a touch of hickory. ..great smoke.
A most unique and enjoyable aromatic. I got more of the smoky notes in the aroma as opposed to the flavor on the tongue. The maple is front-and-center yet subtle, not "candyish" or cloying, and pairs seamlessly with the earthiness of the tobacco. That said, I'm not sure that more smoke wouldn't ruin the character of this blend. Absolutely no gurgle and after the initial light, a slight tamp and relight, it burned to the basement with no issues. A relaxing indulgence from beginning to end.
Not at all what I anticipated. This was a hardwood smoke like no other. Was expecting bacon-fat additives maybe :) The blend was slightly sweet, with a log cabin/cedar chest note. I believe my mind WANTED it to taste like bacon which led to a slight disappointment. After the truth set in, this was a very smooth and clean burning blend.
A wonderful Blend that I will always keep in my stash. The longer you let it age the better it gets. Do your self a favor and order a pound of it you won't be disappointed.
After reading all the wonderful reviews “Vermont Meat Candy” received, I’m wondering what I’m missing. Maybe they bagged the wrong tobacco or they received a miss labeled shipment from the supplier? The order I received tasted like a basic vanilla blend. Called P&C had them send me another bag of VMC. Still no Hickory, no maple, no joy. Very disappointed.
As never a big aromatic smoker but thought I would give this a try because well... bacon!. I absolutely love this tobacco. One of my favorites if not the best tobacco I've smoked. I ordered 2 ounces as a tester and just cannot get enough. Can't wait to give all of H&H aromatics a try. On a side note P&C has got to be one of the best companies out there. They ship quick, everything they ship is well packaged, I love the magazine's and they're customer service team is nice and on the ball. 10/10 experience all around. Keep it up!
This is a delight to smoke. The tin note is wonderful and the room note is AOK by my wife which is ALWAYS good! Thus far, I have bought nothing but H&H Vermont Meat Candy by bulk and have always been a happy camper. P&C always gives great service and if you get your order in by 1:00 or 10:00 PST, it always goes out that day. Good service P&C!
The Maple casing stands out above all. Can't really taste the bacon or the hickory. This sweet casing also leaves a coating in my mouth. Overall' it's kind of one dimensional. But if you are a maple flavor fan, this is right up your alley.
This is yummy stuff.