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MATCH Edgeworth Ready Rubbed

This is a match to the old "Edgeworth Ready Rubbed". Smooth, but rich mahogany Burley has been specially processed with a subtle top note for a comforting flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

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Customer Reviews of “MATCH Edgeworth Ready Rubbed”
An enjoyable smoke. Close to the original Edgeworth. The only negative comment would be that it arrived in a very dry condition.
This is a must have in your rotation! A very fragrant (cocoa) that burns evenly and easily on the dry side with no toungue bite. The flavor is a gentle and rich tobacco that smokes well being rubbed out already any time of day with any beverage but especially well with a strong coffee. Get a pound and set out 4ozs for smoking and cellar the rest, it only gets richer with age. Cob or briar is just great but I prefer my a Briar bulldog with this one.
CT of Antioch, IL
Edgeworth is one of the blends I used to sneak a puff from my dads stash. Until I ordered this blend I had only ever had it in flake. It brings memories flooding back to me. The flavor I don't remember so much, but the heavenly smell, it is dead on. The notes of cedar are so pronounced and pleasing that I can't imagine not keeping this on hand.
LR of Florence, AL
Yes this stuff did arrive dry, very smokably dry. For once I didn't have to dry out a tobacco before lighting it up. This is pretty close to Edgeworth, at least the Lane incarnation of it. The Larus Bros version had more of a molasses casing to it IIRC. What we have here is well worth the money. It's a great burley tobacco with a flavor and aroma that is enjoyable. Be wary, that although I can stand nicotine, this packed a little punch and had me woozy smoking it on an empty stomach.
LT of Jacksonville, FL