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Prince Albert

Do you have Prince Albert in a can? We do and we'd be happy to ship it to you! This tobacco continues to stand the test of time. Popular for its taste and aroma.

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Customer Reviews of “Prince Albert”

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It was the first pipe tobacco I ever tried, and has been a staple in my rotation ever since. I first bought it because it was the favorite of my grandfather. It is a flavorful and delicious smoke when the virginia comes out and the cavendish smooths it al out. I love PA and I always will.
I've been smoking Prince Albert since 1995. It is my favorite. This is the only site I am aware of that still has it. Wish it was not on "back order"
I have had this tobacco recently and can say that the strength of the tobacco i had was strong. If you are looking for a good smoke that will not break the bank this is a great tobacco to try.
This is my regular. I like the taste, the way it smokes, and the fact that it is reliable pouch after pouch. Great with a cup of coffee.
I really enjoy this pipe tobacco. My wife had an uncle who smoked this many years ago and I always enjoyed the aroma. I finally purchased some and love it. Weird I guess as I always come back to the older brands of pipe tobacco. I regularly smoke Half and Half, Velvet and now this. I try other types of tobacco but always come back to this type. Always fresh, no bite, pleasant aroma and great with my morning coffee!
Try it, you might like it. I do. And I like Latakia blends and Pease's virginias and other fancy stuff too. Nothing wrong with a classic, and this is a classic for a reason. It's not what you'd call an aromatic, either-- somehow I always got the impression that these "drug store" blends were. Not so. Just a lightly topped burley with great style. I could smoke it all day.
There's a reason why PA has been around since 1907. It's pure, straightforward, smoking pleasure.
I am glad I let Prince Albert out of his can! All bad jokes aside this will probably be my go-to everyday tobacco blend. It is smooth, the moisture is perfect out of the tub, smokes cool and dry and has zero bite. It comes as no surprise that this stuff has been around for over 100 years.
I hope they get more in soon this is one great tobacco, it tastes great, has no tongue bite and leaves a pleasant room note that people will love or tolerate.
Good stuff and great in a cob! Very similar to Carter Hall.
PA is my all day everyday smoke. At night I like to have a bowl of something more complex and expensive but this is my meat and potatoes. Russ has created a cheaper and just as tasty recreation in his Mid-Town series Prince Andrew. Nothing beats a cob, cup of coffee and SLOWWW sipping some Prince Albert.... Its a legend and deservingly so!!
I tried Prince Albert for the first time after smoking a pipe for nearly 40 years. It's a great pipe tobacco, one that I can smoke all day. A very rich flavor, nice even burn and a very pleasant room note. Now I know why brands such as 'The Prince' had endured.
My go to tobacco when I'm breaking in new pipes and also my every day smoke when I want something simple.
I tried Prince Albert for the first time after smoking a pipe for nearly 40 years. It's a great pipe tobacco, one that I can smoke all day. A very rich flavor, nice even burn and a very pleasant room note. Now I know why brands such as 'The Prince' had endured.
Bought this locally. sadly, i am unaware of any tobacconists any closer to me than 2.5 hours. Thank goodness for P&C and the inter-webs! I wanted to find something locally available that would be consistent, cheap, and enjoyable. All i can get hold of in my town it carter hall, prince albert, middleton cherry and captain black. I knew there were better tobaccos for $2 and ounce, but its been around forever and has a strong following. Maybe this is the way its packed now, but while the box was sealed, the pouch inside was not. The top layer was very dry. farther down the pouch it was acceptable moist. i thought this odd. i could swear the last few Middleton products i bought had sealed pouches. Weird. Pouch note, don't know why but i always get raisins, or dried fruit from this, sort of cigarette-ish, still enjoyable. lights and smokes well enough, easy to pack. I liked it, didn't hate it, but didn't fall in love either. Will i keep it around, sure! cheap, reliable and easy to smoke. Whats not to love right!
The perfect yard-work tobacco; stays lit with perfect moisture right out of the bag, simple, enjoyable flavour, almost no tongue bite even when smoking at the fastest of paces with an aroma that'll please even the pickiest of noses
I wanted to write a second review. This tobacco grows on you the more you smoke it! I've been smoking it regularly lately and it's awesome! Just a hint of a chocolate aroma in the pouch. Smooth with no bite. Leaves a slightly sweet flavor on the palette. I can see why it's been around a long time.