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Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture

Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture is one of the standards among Virginia/Perique blends. While the Perique is readily apparent, the real stars are the wonderful Virginias, which are carefully matured under pressure and heat to develop a depth of flavor unlike anything else.

Dan's Staff Pick - I’ve said before, of all the recent tobacco blends that have been resurrected Dunhill Elizabethan is the most expertly done. The perfect balance of light and dark Virginias and addition of my favorite condiment, Perique, makes this blend a very satisfying all day smoke for me.

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Customer Reviews of “Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture”
Light, clean Virginia blend. Was hoping for a bit more Perique, but being a ribbon cut it packs and burns easily with a light sweetness.
JV of Malvern, AR
very good taste, just needs a bit more perique, 3 1/2 stars
DP of san antonio, TX
I love this blend. I've got 3 tins aging while I keep a few on hand to smoke. It packs easily with a low moisture level but not bone dry. It lights up and burns evenly, dry and cool. It has a flavor akin to a bold coffee with a nutty nuance. It develops a light sweetness both in flavor and aroma as it burns from the initial light which produces a very satisfying smoke. I've smoked this in several pipes, large to small and it has always been fantastic.
It had been several years since i had smoked Dunhill EM. 20 plus I would say. I remember I did not like it then, but the fact of the matter is that back then 20 -30 years ago I would not smoke anything that did not smell like a fruit stand or did not come out of a red can(Velvet). After many years of smoking a variety of tobaccos my taste has changed, for the better I think. I opened my pipe tobacco of the month care package and much to my surprise there it was, EM. Well guess I will give it another shot! Tin note--- wonderful. Moisture--- just right. Char light-- Good note. Next light and all through the bowl-- Pleasure, Pleasure, Pleasure! How could i have abandoned this so many years ago? I give this a 4 out of 4. Like all Dunhill tobacco it is well worth a try. Great smoke, glad you sent it along. This will be in my regular rotation. VA-Per at its finest!
JG of Summersville, KY
This disappointing attempt to recapture the original Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture misses by light years. It is flat, bland, & utterly without character. The original Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture was a strong Virginia/Perique blend that was salty & tangy. The current version bears no resemblance to the original. Try Hearth & Home's Louisiana Red first!
DK of Encino, CA
My absolute favorite blend thus far. I've had several va/pers and this tops them all. I will definitely be purchasing more of this. Highly recommended!
TP of Claxton, GA
This was my very first "AHHA !!" Tin of tobacco, as a novice pipe smoker. It was strong, rich, with enough spice to make it tasty. I've now got oodles of different versions of tin and bulk Virginia and VA/PER blends on the way, to fine tune my preferences. Plus, six tins of Elizabethan Mixture. One for now, and five for the cellar, for special occasions. Try it.
ME of Eau Claire, WI
This blend has earned itself a place on my tobacco shelf. Out of the tin it was a little damp for me, but easy fix after letting it sit out for a while. I did have better luck taste wise out of one of my corn cobs. All around good smoke for all day. For me the sweetness came in on the inhale, with a light peppery after taste. More Perique would be nice but do not fix what isn't broken.
JK of Sheboygan Falls, WI
As a fairly new non-aromatic smoker, this is my first VaPer and first Dunhill tobacco, and it has become my overall favorite. The Virginias are subtle but savory, and while the Perique is a bit in the background, you can experience it more fully by "snorking" from the back of the mouth and out the nose, which will result in a heavenly smoke.
JP of Bakersfield, CA