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Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired

HH Old Dark Fired has quickly become a high-demand classic. An excellent selection of fine Virginias is wed to robust and spicy dark-fired Burleys. The tobaccos are firmly pressed using heat and steam to fully develop the deep rich flavors and to fully marry the leaf. Although the flavor of the dark-fired carries the blend, the sweetness of the Virginias makes this a rich and harmonious experience.

Please note: The bulk version of HH Old Dark Fired comes in ready-rubbed form. There will be no intact flakes. If you want full flakes, you have to buy the tins or the 16 oz. box.

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Overall Rating 4.67 out of 5 Based on 15 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired”

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5 out of 5
Old dark fired
If you're looking for something with a lot of flavor, but you don't want a flavored tobacco this stuff is great. It has a very bold almost savory flavor. The only thing I would say is you might want to rub some flakes out 30 minutes to an hour before smoking. The flake is a very moist tobacco.
5 out of 5
Great way to start the day!
I recently ordered a couple of ounces of HH when it was on sale and I've been really enjoying it. I like starting out with a bowl of it in the morning with my coffee since it's pretty strong on the nic. Definitely will be keeping this one in my rotation.
3 out of 5
Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired HH Old Dark Fired Ready-Rubbed
Closer to what I’ve been looking for (kind of strong, not too sweet, not overbearing). Strength and nic are are just about right for me. Seems to lack a little something in flavor and price seems a little high. Still might purchase again.
5 out of 5
Smoke It !
It's a pretty mellow smoke and burns all the way to the bottom
5 out of 5
Good Value
Did not know about the ready rubbed But turns out to be very good.Great service Thank you
3 out of 5
Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fire Cured
Just didn't do it go me. Prefer more of Virginia Perique
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
5 out of 5
Old dark fired
Best baccy ever smoked yet take ing it nice and easy with this reminds me of an old St Bruno years ago very fresh upon arrival as with all P&C products,and service, excellent will buy again.
5 out of 5
HH Old Dark Fired
I was never a big fan of burley, but the dark fired burley in this blend has changed my mind. It has a great room note & the flavor is quite good. I really like the Virginias combined with the burley.
5 out of 5
Dark fired is in my top 5 list!
Yum. What a great smoke! Only one piece of advice: let it sit out for thirty minutes or so. This is the best dark fired I have yet to taste!
4 out of 5
Puurrty darn good
I liked this tobacco. It has some sweet flavor, to me and not that much bite. I didn't let it dry out too much, so it kept going out, but this will be a go to for me. Have to get more to keep it tinned for many months.
5 out of 5
Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired
Great morning, first pipe. High on the N scale but smooth with no bite. I have smoked Mac Baren tobaccos since 1966 and find all of their products excellent. In the 60's, I could buy the tins at the local drugstore. Now, Pipes and Cigars has all my Mac Baren favorites, at very reasonable prices. Thanks, P and C!
5 out of 5
Great Tobacco! Very earthy non-aromatic.
I enjoyed this tobacco very much. I usually smoke aromatics but every now and then reach for a non-aromatic blend. This is definitely one of my top choices and I look forward to trying some more blends by Mac Baren.
5 out of 5
Very tasty
Tin or bulk one of my favorites and I like vitamin N tasty tobacco
5 out of 5
Instant love for MacBaren Old Dark Fired
I purchased MacBaren Old Dark Fired about a month ago, and loved it instantly. A full bodied and very flavorful blend. It reminds me of a lighter version of Latakia. I have a low tolerance for nicotine, and this blend is at the upper level of my tolerance. Rubbing it out, and letting it air dry for half an hour lets me smoke at a casual pace, and keep the effects of nicotine at bay. This is a very special blend has earned a permanent place in my rotation.
Customer Testimonials
Reviewer DD nailed it, nutty & plum, i can't add much to it. Filled my cob with the strips broken into shards and a layer rubbed out on top (forms nice coal bed). Smoked slow with light tamping yeilded a consistent flavor from char to finish. I open a new tin, then close it & let sit for a week or two and moisture is perfect. Purchased 10 tins back in 2012 for aging. Tried it when order was first received, enjoyed it, but felt the VA needed a little aging. Age well it did! inded.
ODF is one that I ALWAYS have on hand. I love it! The burly is nutty and plum, with just a little sweetness from the VA. Just the right amount of tin moisture. Not harsh, and I don't get much of a nic hit from it. This is my "any time of day" smoke that I look forward to! Side note: I was riding in the work van with my co-worker the other day. We both had our pipes. He lit up first and I had to ask him what he was smoking, b/c the "room" note was amazing! He said "some of the (Old) Dark Fired you gave me." :) That was the first time I'd smelled it not from my pipe.
I'm on my 5th pound of this great flake.
This seemed a little harsh at first but quickly improved as I worked my way through the first bowl. Very tasty and pleasant. I am still a novice with flakes, which is why I likely had to relight a few times. All in all - a very enjoyable smoke.
Hands down, one of my favorite pipe tobaccos. Very full and rich, deep tobacco taste, but not overwhelming in the nicotine department. If you like Peterson's Irish Flake, but are not in the mood to get punched in the face by nicotine, this tobacco is for you. Excellent quality leaf is used, which is immediately apparent upon lighting this tobacco. Highly recommended!!!
This is absolutely a beautiful blend of dark fired burleys and slightly sweet virginias. I love burley and this is going to be a go to for me along with Solani Aged Burley Flake for a long, long time. It is certainly strong and full bodied but I love deep, earthy slightly sweet and smooth taste of dark fired burleys and virginias. Recommend for those who love old fashioned blends.
Bought a tin of this from my local cigar shop brought it home only to find the seal broken....smoked it anyways and boy is it GOOD! I like Petersons Irish flake so if you like Irish flake you should DEFINATELY try this while supplies last.
Wow. This is the first flake tobacco I have tried (and a first burley blend), so I don't know if I can compare it to other flake cut tobaccos. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it! A pleasantly cool smoke that smokes better and better as you get down the bowl. It's got a full, smooth taste, along with deep, billowing smoke. I found it to give me quite an extra nicotine rush that I don't get from other full-bodied blends. I would highly recommend any pipe smoker to get their hands on this great baccy.
Nothing new to say here except that this blend has got me all "fired" up about heavily cured Virginias. I bought the 1 lb. box which should age nicely. I'm inspired to try McC's line of matured Virginia.
New to pipe smoking. Have become familiar with the various types of tobacco and their flavors. I think I have found my favorite style, dark fired burley with virginias. Great full tobacco taste and it seems to burn very slow extending your smoking pleasure.
Love this blend. One of my staples. The only problem I have with it is that it disappears too quickly.
Vitamin N and burley give a very nice lift anytime of the day.
I didn't find this one to be overwhelming at all, strong and full flavor without the gut punch of some of the other strong tobaccos. It has a sweet tangy taste that becomes stronger as the bowl progresses, without overloading my taste buds, but I do recommend a glass of water to sip on while enjoying this smoke as it is very dry. It is a flake, but I've found that I enjoy it best fully rubbed out in a medium bowl. It is definitely a quality tobacco.