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Best of the Rest Pipe Tobacco

Every day we weigh out pipe tobacco to be delivered to your door step. At the end of the day, we take all the left over tobacco mix it up and sell it as "Best of the Rest." This Blend is constantly changing. Sold by the pound. 

MSRP- $34 per LB
Regular Price - $14.99 per LB
Special Pricing - $12.50 per LB

  Blend Pack In Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart
Best of the Rest Shipping Constraints 16 OZ Sale In Stock $34.27 $12.50
Shipping Constraints:
These items cannot be shipped to a Washington state address.
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Customer Reviews of “Best of the Rest Pipe Tobacco”
Very good, I have ordered this a few times and have not been disappointed. Plus, the mixes are always a nice surprise.
JW of Sappington, MO
I'm very happy with the bag I got. The flavor is excellent, it packs nicely, and stays lit. I won't hesitate to buy it again and see what I get.
RR of Drummond, MI
$14.95 per pound!!! I just received a pound of Best of the Rest. Not a bad mixture and for the price, I will purchase a pound or two with all of my future orders.
KB of Memphis, TN
Ordered 4lbs. Excellent buy,stores well,smokes well. Thanks CornCob, Mt Ida,Ar
MF of Mount Ida, AR
Just received my first Best of the Rest order! A pleasant aroma when I opened the bag, nothing really standing out maybe a hint of vanilla. Using it to break in my new Falcon pipe that I received with this order. So far it has been most enjoyable, packs easily, stays lit and burns down to a nice white ash. Will be ordering more!
JK of San Bernardino, CA
A very good, if a bit generic, tobacco. Smokes incredibly smooth with zero tongue bite. The room note is unoffensive. It is a light aromatic with a very slightly sweet taste. Would absolutely recommend for anyone who is just starting out with pipe smoking and wants to get the hang of it before trying much more expensive and finicky blends.
TP of Chantilly, VA
Surpisingly even. A little of this and a little of that seems to balance the flavors out nicely, if you're an epicurean with butterfly-like appetites like me. If your mantra is "variety is the spice of life" then give this a try. Nice thing is, no two batches are the same. At this price you have very little to lose and lots to trade away.
BC of Venice, CA
I got either pink lemonade or cotton candy. It's good.
DG of Trenton, NJ
First let me say I am happy for those who have received wonder blends as the reviews say. My expereince had been different. Never, ever again will I buy this stuff. I've bought it twice and both times it was aweful. I know the old saying holds true, "You get what you pay for". Even at this low price it is not worth the money to me
SB of Clarkson, KY
This stuff is nice. a cheap way to fill up your "I'm too broke to buy more tobacco, at least I have this" cellar. It smokes well and is different every time you order. a good bang for your buck.
AG of West Valley City, UT
I'm going to stock up, if your looking for a great smoke either for all day, morning, afternoon or evening, this is one to have on hand all the time. Smooth, no bite, great room note, awesome taste. Its just like Forest Gump said: its like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you'll get, its all good. I hope they keep it going and the price is GREAT.
AF of Nancy, KY
Varies but generally very good. Good value!
RR of San Diego, CA
Blend varies but the best value for quantity.
LF of Eldorado, IL
Like to see a little more gold colored tobacco, but overall A+
KK of Fort Pierce, FL
When I first tasted my bag of Best of the Rest I thought it was so weird that I couldn’t smoke it. I smoked it the next time and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed the flavors in it and the sweetness. I will buy it again.
CH of Louisville, KY