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Best of the Rest Pipe Tobacco

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$5 Acrylic Jar Upgrade when on 1lb of Best of the Rest

Every day we weigh out pipe tobacco to be delivered to your door step. At the end of the day, we take all the left over tobacco mix it up and sell it as "Best of the Rest." This Blend is constantly changing. Sold by the pound. 

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16 OZ In Stock $34.27 $14.99
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16 OZ + ACRYLIC JAR In Stock $69.27 $19.99
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Overall Rating 4.75 out of 5 Based on 36 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Best of the Rest Pipe Tobacco”

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5 out of 5
The Best of the very best
This mixture has turned out to be a quality choice. Having stopped smoking a pipe for 30+ years I was really surprised with the elegant flavor. So far I am very pleased and hope to find more blends that are just as good. Many Thanks
5 out of 5
Scratch My Review Below...
I have to renege on my original B.O.T.R. review below where I wrote "I took a gamble and lost". I blended my bag with some lighter tobacco, and now it's the best blend I've smoked in years. I can't stop. I was originally miffed when I saw a big bag of all jet-black cavendish (not a fan of BCA/VBC), but this is amazing with 50% lighter stuff mixed in. After blending it, I'd order 5 lbs of this if I knew what it was.
3 out of 5
Took a gamble and lost, but great value
Unbelievable value for sure, but be aware that it's a crapshoot, you can get stuck with a pound of something that you hate (as I did). I tried it, and got a 1 LB bag of the blackest, wettest, goopyest black cavendish ever. Not a single strand of anything lighter blended in. Looks like tar. Tried smoking one bowl, and had to dump it out 1/3 of the way through. So now I have a full 16oz to give-away (or toss in the trash). Disappointing. Won't gamble on this again. But if wet black cavendish is you're thing... you would have been happy with mine, but I like golden/blonde aromatic mixtures (and even a english or lighter non-aromatic would have been ok). Win some, loose some. Waste of $15 for me.
5 out of 5
Best of the Rest Pipe Tobacco
A pleasurable smoke at an excellent price. Let it dry out for a few days. Superb service as usual from P & C!
5 out of 5
My pound was all ready rubbed flake. It was great. Just wish I knew exactly what it was. Amazing aroma.
5 out of 5
I love The Best Of The Rest.
I always order this one. Never a bad smoke. Most pleasureable and you cannot beat the price.
5 out of 5
Prompt service and quick delivery.
Prompt service and quick delivery.
5 out of 5
Best flavored tobacco for the price.
5 out of 5
Best of the Rest
Great price, good quality, and as always, great shipping.
5 out of 5
Excellent tobacco at a great price ... flavorful, easy smoking blend .. has an English taste ...
5 out of 5
Diversity Rules!
Good stuff! This is P & C's contribution to Diversity. And we all know how important diversity is to pipe smoking. I added some of my sacred Virginias to make it even more diverse. Great job, P & C!
5 out of 5
Great value!
i am very happy with the value I received with this deal. The tobacco that I did receive seemed very uniform and high quality. Smells great! Better than I expected.
5 out of 5
Beyond Description
This outstanding blend cannot adequately be described. The aroma and multilayered taste truly transform this mixture into a delectable tabacum phenomenon! Given 94 cents per pound or so, you cannot go wrong with your purchase.
5 out of 5
Yeah, Baby!
Best of the Rest is appropriately named. I really like this stuff! I added some light Virginia to balance and round my particular bag off a little. I decided to re-name it 'Jay's Best of the Rest' for my for my personal contribution. I plan to order, again. Thank you P & C for providing such a great value for the money.
5 out of 5
Best of the Rest says it all!
GREAT BUY! Never disappointed on two separate orders. Perfectly humidified. A good smoke as is but also fun to play with by mixing some of my favorite tobaccos to a pipe full. Will continue to order this on a regular basis.
5 out of 5
Best of the Rest pipe tobacco
It's very good. You can't put your finger on exactly what, because it is a blend of what was on the table.
4 out of 5
Best of the Rest
Pleasant taste, no bite. Better than I expected.
5 out of 5
great prices fast delivery!
great prices fast delivery!
5 out of 5
Better than the rest
Good taste, good value - saving money and enjoying the taste!
5 out of 5
Better Value
I've ordered this product for a number of years and have no regrets. This is so much better than the cheap tobacco you can purchase in retail stores, better quality, much more for the dollar, and the tobac is just better! Regards, Oiva from Harbor Oregon
5 out of 5
raw mix flavors is a true winner
It feels like I am smoking a little piece of heaven. it's my 1st order of this and it's hitting all the right notes it's the taste that i have been looking for. i want to come back for more
5 out of 5
Best of the rest is the best of all of them !!
Man when I say this stuff is good it's an understatement !. It is awesome !! Yes it taste like a fine complex aromatic but it also has other tobacco flavors mixed in it, even a slight touch of english and non flavored tobaccos. Imposable to say what it taste like but I love it !!when You see how big the bag is You have to look at the packing slip again. I mean I'm going to be smoking this stuff for probably a year !! I've got most of You have got to try this. into a nice glass jar. You have got to try this.
5 out of 5
Every thing was great
4 out of 5
Quality Tobaccos
The Best of the Rest is not intended to be the same for each order. It's a random mixture of quality tobaccos and in my case provided an enjoyable blend although it's hard for me to pinpoint the dominant components. Terrific value!
4 out of 5
A winning bet!
Couldn't resist the price. Not knowing what to expect, and prepared for disappointment, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. my bag is mildly aromatic, smooth, no bite. Blends well with stronger stuff like navy flake or English without getting in the way. Or smokes fine straight. 3 stars for the smoke, the fourth for the value. I will gamble on B of the R again, knowing not what's in store. Could I score a second time?
5 out of 5
Great service all the way around.
5 out of 5
It's good
That's why I contiue to order Best of the Rest.
5 out of 5
Best of the Rest, true in every way
It is true that the Best of the Rest does have a different flavor from on batch to the next but that is all part of its charm as far as I'm concerned. I have never been disappointed.
4 out of 5
Very satisfactory
I have twice ordered the Best of the Rest, both times it has been very smokeable, and priced right.
5 out of 5
Really Is The Best
I've ordered these every time I place an order, and always keep a good stock on hand. Even when I'm purchasing more expensive tobacco, I always like to fall back to BOTR. It's always a surprise to see what each batch will be like, and I've never once been disappointed.
5 out of 5
Best of the Rest is super.
Varies a little in aroma, cut and taste, but I have always found it to be very good to excellent. It is also super value. Bob
4 out of 5
very fair value
very fair value
3 out of 5
best of the rest
a good value for the thrifty smoker, the only problem i had was with the wood splinters that apparently came from the bottom of the box you store it in
5 out of 5
Really is the Best Deal you can Find!
I tried it the first time because of the attractive price, but since that first purchase, I become a fan of this tobacco. At some point I am sure I will be adventurous a go with something different but for now this is my Go To.
5 out of 5
I like the Best of the Rest, well maybe better said I like all that I have purchased except this last one. I am spending more time removing small pieces of vanished wood from the tobacco. I am in the process of removing all the chips and sending them back to you. I like shopping you site and if I was not on a fixed income I would purchased more then I have
5 out of 5
2nd time and still a favorite
a value I will continue to keep in my rotation. a pleasant surprise each time I have ordered
Customer Testimonials
Absolutely love the batch of "best of the rest" I got about a week and a half ago. I have about 10 oz. of it in a large jar aging, and 6 oz. of it in a bag that I smoke regularly. Really enjoyed this tobacco right out of the gate, and can't wait to see how it ages! This is my first time aging tobacco, so fingers crossed!
I have been searching for a everyday blend and best of rest is it I love it and great price to thank you P&C for such a great bargain this is my everyday smoke now on A++
B of Rest, 2nd reveiw. I mixed B of R with VIR GOLD BUTTERED RUM 50 50 and lo & behold I got a slight english blend. I did the mix twice. Same results, happy
I received my 1st order of Best of the Rest, but not my last. It was cool , stayed lited, and I make it my #1 choice. When I get low I will reorder and hope for the best.
Ordered some knowing the variable nature, aromatic with a decent amount of Cherry, but of more underlying complexity than a drugstore blend. Little bite though somewhat moist. Would make a decent blend for daily use if you enjoyed an aromatic. Put it in a jar and I'll revisit it in a week or two.
Not bad, batch I got mostly a Virginia, burley, and cavendish blend with a bit of cherry, but at the same time not like straight cherry. Very pleasant room note. Smoked slow in a meerschaum, didn't have any bite. Usually use a cherrywood but figured I'd use a different one in case it came up a bit moist. I put it in a jar and I'll revisit it in a week or so. I'll order again in a month or two, if it's drastically different I'll jar it again, if similar I'll combine them and intersperse it with others for variety. Price is right, I didn't have any objections with it.
I like my bag. Overtones of liquor and fruit but nothing specific jumps out at you. Then in the background you pick up a little spice, some smokiness. Smokes good. Tastes good. Keeps getting better the longer it sits in the jar. Wife always comments on the aroma when I smoke a bowl. Thumbs up.
I dont know what to say about this one. When I 1st opened it it smelled like crap. So I put it up until I needed a smoke. To my surprise the tobaccos' great. Now that being said I might have just got lucky but with the price I say just try and see what you get.
It is a overall good blend the room note well don't know at all I'm not allowed to smoke in the house. My wife don't want me to smoke in the house. Some she doesn't care about most of the time it I need to go outside. For the price one can't go wrong to stock up and can always trade for something better or add to it to make the taste better.
This is a great tobacco for me since I like Aromatic and English blends. This smokes with a lot of flavor since the Aromatic blends fall short on the flavor side. Burns well to the bottom and stays lit. This is great with a cold beer. Will order a pound next time.
well I think stuff taste like a cigar did not like the taste at all.
What a fantastic deal! I am about to order my second pound.
I'm sure the upcoming holiday has a lot to do with the mixture I received, but I am really pleased with my order. It arrived very moist and needed some drying time, it had a wonderful aroma and minimal relights. I will not be afraid to order this on a regular basis.
Good value. Always a different variety.
An okay blend, once it dries for a few days. I stick to Latikia, and I was expecting at least some in my "off the countertop left-overs," but the label that says "Best of the Rest" was stuck over another sticker that read "Aromatic Blend".....not my first choice. If I would have known I was getting a straight aromatic blend, I would have passed it up, not saying that I didn't expect a lot of scraps to be aromatic, just not the Whole bag. Overall, not a bad smoke, and very flavorful......but I do feel like I was possibly given the wrong product, just relabeled and moved off the shelf.
Not bad, but a little rough.
I have bought two pounds of this. The first pound was kinda like lane 1Q with some latakia thrown in and I liked it. A good everyday smoke and good to blend with. The second pound I just received smells amazing and tastes like rum with hints of chocolate, burns white, no bite..very good.
I decided to try a pound of this stuff with my second pipes & cigars order. I'm new to pipe smoking, and have only smoked aromatics, and some Christmas cheer. When I got this package in the mail it smelled so spicy that I literally had to take it to the garage because it was giving me a headache. I considered giving it away, but decided to jar it and see what a little time would do. I came back 5 months later, and it is great! The overwhelming Perique or Latakia or whatever it was, has really mellowed out. It's now one of my favorites. I can't believe I was going to get rid of it. I'm looking forward to buying another pound and seeing what kind of surprise I'm in for.
Blend varies but the best value for quantity.
Varies but generally very good. Good value!
I'm going to stock up, if your looking for a great smoke either for all day, morning, afternoon or evening, this is one to have on hand all the time. Smooth, no bite, great room note, awesome taste. Its just like Forest Gump said: its like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you'll get, its all good. I hope they keep it going and the price is GREAT.
This stuff is nice. a cheap way to fill up your "I'm too broke to buy more tobacco, at least I have this" cellar. It smokes well and is different every time you order. a good bang for your buck.
First let me say I am happy for those who have received wonder blends as the reviews say. My expereince had been different. Never, ever again will I buy this stuff. I've bought it twice and both times it was aweful. I know the old saying holds true, "You get what you pay for". Even at this low price it is not worth the money to me
I got either pink lemonade or cotton candy. It's good.
Surpisingly even. A little of this and a little of that seems to balance the flavors out nicely, if you're an epicurean with butterfly-like appetites like me. If your mantra is "variety is the spice of life" then give this a try. Nice thing is, no two batches are the same. At this price you have very little to lose and lots to trade away.
A very good, if a bit generic, tobacco. Smokes incredibly smooth with zero tongue bite. The room note is unoffensive. It is a light aromatic with a very slightly sweet taste. Would absolutely recommend for anyone who is just starting out with pipe smoking and wants to get the hang of it before trying much more expensive and finicky blends.
When I first tasted my bag of Best of the Rest I thought it was so weird that I couldn’t smoke it. I smoked it the next time and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed the flavors in it and the sweetness. I will buy it again.
Just received my first Best of the Rest order! A pleasant aroma when I opened the bag, nothing really standing out maybe a hint of vanilla. Using it to break in my new Falcon pipe that I received with this order. So far it has been most enjoyable, packs easily, stays lit and burns down to a nice white ash. Will be ordering more!
Ordered 4lbs. Excellent buy,stores well,smokes well. Thanks CornCob, Mt Ida,Ar
$14.95 per pound!!! I just received a pound of Best of the Rest. Not a bad mixture and for the price, I will purchase a pound or two with all of my future orders.
Like to see a little more gold colored tobacco, but overall A+
Very good, I have ordered this a few times and have not been disappointed. Plus, the mixes are always a nice surprise.
I'm very happy with the bag I got. The flavor is excellent, it packs nicely, and stays lit. I won't hesitate to buy it again and see what I get.