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My Own Pipe Tobacco Blend

Blend Your Own Pipe Tobacco

For years, has been your hometown tobacconist on the web, in fact, that’s what it used to say on our homepage. Now we’re taking the concept of being your local shop to the next level — introducing My Own Blend. Click Read More for further details and for some basic blends you can start with.

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  • Minimum of 8 ounces
  • Choose 2 - 4 tobaccos
Pipe Tobacco In Stock Oz. Select
Base Components
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Perique Dark fruit sweetness, peppery, full-bodied - READ MORE In Stock
Latakia Leathery, earthy, smoky, slow-burning - READ MORE In Stock
Yellow Virginia Sweet, zesty, citrusy, with tea notes - READ MORE In Stock
Red Virginia Bready, toasty, and slightly sweet - READ MORE In Stock
Toasted Burley Mellow, nutty, toasty, light in flavor - READ MORE In Stock
White Burley Mellow, nutty, slightly sour, cool-burning - READ MORE In Stock
Oriental Floral, herbal, musty, slightly sweet - READ MORE In Stock
Dark Fired Bold, smoky, spicy, very strong - READ MORE In Stock
Toasted Black Cavendish Smooth, mellow, brown sugar sweetness - READ MORE In Stock
Black Cavendish Deep, sweet, dark fruit-like flavor - READ MORE In Stock
Flavored Components
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Cherry Tangy, zesty, sweet, very fruity - READ MORE In Stock
Whiskey Sweet, smoky, tangy, mildly aromatic - READ MORE In Stock
Vanilla Creamy, sweet, smooth, and mellow - READ MORE In Stock
Maple Deep sweetness, rich and mellow - READ MORE In Stock
Hazelnut Nutty, slightly sweet, hint of saltiness - READ MORE In Stock
Coffee Slightly sweet, rich, touch of bitterness - READ MORE In Stock
Sambuca Licorice/anise flavor, potent aroma - READ MORE In Stock
Peach Fresh, sweet, brightly fruity - READ MORE In Stock
Chocolate Smooth, creamy, not overly sweet - READ MORE Out of Stock
Rum Sweet, smooth, hints of caramel - READ MORE Out of Stock
Seasonal Components
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Cube Cut Lightly sweet, nutty, very slow burning - READ MORE In Stock
Strawberry Sweet, fresh and lively, highlighted by the tang of strawberry In Stock
Banana Smooth, creamy, mellow fruity flavor In Stock
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