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Softy Pipe Bit "High Grade"

A lot of people like Softy bits to protect their stems and afford a more comfortable experience. These ones are a bit more durable, and many of you feel that they're more comfortable, too. Since they outsell the less expensive ones, we'll have to agree...majority rules.

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High Grade 2-Pack SOFTY PIPE BIT "HIGH GRADE" 2-PACK In Stock$3.25$2.00
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Customer Reviews of “Softy Pipe Bit "High Grade"”
“These feel better in your mouth than the other ones I got. It would also seem that they don't fit as snugly on my pipes as the other ones I have, but other than that they're really very good.”
PB of Elmira, NY
“These things are awesome. Anyone who like to smoke their pipes hands free without worrying about teeth marks, look no further.”
WE of Raleigh, NC
“Not bad at all. A little thick but then again I need to get used to it. Nice to have as one who smokes when I do things with the hands.”
JG of Hot Springs, AR