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Harlekin Pipe

Remember those rings that were all the rage in the 70’s? You slipped it on your finger and anyone could tell what you were feeling at any given moment based on the color of the stone in the ring. We’ve found the counterpart to that in the pipe world and are excited to show it off. The mighty Stanwell brought to market this 24 piece pipe set designed to fit the deco European customer and when they offered we, in typical P&C fashion, snapped up all these cool sets. We’d like to bring to you today one of the most interesting items we’ve come across in well…., forever. This interchangeable collection comes complete with 12 stems and 12 bowls. Designed for ease of mix and match based on how you may be feeling on a particular day. Our initial thought was to pre-assemble them and offer as one off pipes but that would defeat the initial purpose. Look at it this way you have basically 144 possible combinations with this set and you can designate particular bowls or stems for whatever you like. All bowls are carved from Stanwell briar in smooth, sandblast, and some are very colorful to match a holiday or particular season. The stems are menagerie of both understated and fanciful colors.

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Harlekin PipeSINGLE PIPE ONLY - NOT BOX SET In Stock $35.00$14.95
Harlekin Pipe Set12 BRIAR PIPE SET In Stock $420.00$179.95
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Customer Reviews of “Harlekin Pipe”
“he's a really cool pipes the only problem is tobacco chamber is too small”
FC of manteca, CA
“I wanted something a bit whimsical and would have been happy with any of the other colors but I received the silver bowl which I was frankly disappointed in. Haven't tried smoking it yet.”
LP of Meeker, OK