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Missouri Meerschaum Legend

The Legend is a classic corn cob pipe; available in straight or bent, it comes with an amber colored stem that takes a 6mm filter. The smaller bowl size makes it perfect for when you want a quick break, and its light weight means that you can clench this pipe without your jaw getting tired.


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MSRP: $7.59 $4.49 In Stock
Legend Bent
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MSRP: $7.59 $4.49 In Stock
Legend Straight
Overall Rating 4.72 out of 5 Based on 29 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum Legend”

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5 out of 5
Great Cob
Can't get more value out of anything on the web site. Burns cool, everything tastes great in it and also has a classic look.
5 out of 5
One day delivery! Doesn't get any better than that!
5 out of 5
Perfect for a everyday smoker
This is the only pipe I like to smoke exclusively. Cheap, no need to clean, and throw it away when I am done with and it no longer is able to be smoked. Holds about enough for a 45 min smoke if smoked and packed right.
5 out of 5
It lives up to it's name
Simple, cheap and works great. No briars in my rotation, only Legends!
5 out of 5
Always what I order and shipped in a timely fashion
5 out of 5
Can't get any better!
By far my favorite pipe!
5 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum Legend is an underappreciated, economical, workhorse of a pipe. I own six bent Missouri Meerschaum Legend Corncob Pipes. I own one straight Missouri Meerschaum Legend Corncob Pipes, and I own a bent Baraccini Pocket Pipe #2. I like my straight Legend the best.
4 out of 5
Good bargain
Very sturdy. Dropped it on a hardwood floor and it didn't break. Wish they made a non-filtered version of this as the draw is bug enough to inhale certain cuts of tobacco. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.
5 out of 5
Mine is still in use after several years
I bought one and had it in my rotation, smoking it once a week or so for a few years. Eventually, I gave it to my uncle who has continued to smoke it. It's had quite a lot of use and is now several years old, and has turned more black than yellow, as well as gaining some weight. The only issue I've had is that the bend in the stem is a bit prone to clogging and likes to catch pipe cleaners, however if you clean it somewhat regularly it isn't a problem. A cool, dry smoke, with a price that can't be beat.
4 out of 5
Nice Pipe...
Nice pipe for the money. Good pipe for someone starting to get into the hobby.
5 out of 5
nice pipe
They sent me one with the dublin bowl; smokes cooler than the other shapes.
5 out of 5
Great Smokin Cob!
If you like corn cob pipes this is a must have. Its not to big or small,just right.
5 out of 5
corn cob pipes are the best
corn cob pipes are the best. I have seven Missouri Meerschaum Legends --one straight, six bent. This is the only pipe I will ever smoke.
5 out of 5
Great pipe
Corn cobs are always a good play. Good weight, smokes great. This s pipe is great to keep in stable for aromatics.
1 out of 5
Just Got It and Burnt a Hole in it After 3 days!
I was just getting to like corn cob pipes and was getting ready to heartily endorse and praise it when I went to clean mine out and saw a strange clear area down the bowl and stuck my cleaner it and found it there is a HOLE in my pipe that poked through the "Meerschaum" sticker on the bottom! This is the first time I ever bought a corncob pipe and really like it but if this happened after after 3 days of smoking it, it could turn out to be the most EXPENSIVE pipe I will ever own!! I do tend to smoke it a little hot and was testing out filters on it but this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!! I guess that is why they are so cheap in the short run!! I was wondering why I could taste something else besides the pipe tobacco several times!!
5 out of 5
This is an excellent pipe. Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes are the best pipes for the new smoker, heavy smoker, or travelin' (on-the-go) pipe smoker.
5 out of 5
The Legendary Legend
If you want to know what cobs are all about, get yourself a MM Legend. These are great pipes. Easy, smooth and forgiving smokers. I really don't know if there is a better value out there. When I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I enjoy my MM Legends more than a lot of briars.
5 out of 5
Thumbs Up !
I was impressed with this pipe. For the money it's great ! It doesn't seem to get too hot . The only thing I have to be careful with is biting down. I'm use to the more harder stems like "vulcanite". This is a simple ,yet very good pipe, and it does let you use a filter ! which I like to do.
5 out of 5
Great pipe Great Price
This is my first pipe and I love it, Its a nice size and weight and has sturdy construction. The stem is a very tight and snug fit. The pipe itself doesn't get too hot and is comfortable in the hand and the mouth. Great for a beginner or experienced enthusiast.
5 out of 5
Punches way above its weight
I bought this just for trying new aromatics, but it became my go-to pipe. Not perfect, but smokes well, and comes at a ridiculously cheap price. I eventually put a hole in it, but it's only four bucks so I just bought a new one.
5 out of 5
The Tradition Is Still There!
Went back to a pipe after many years away. Bought a couple of MM's to try out. Seldom pick up a briar now. I smoke old codger blends, mostly PA, Velvet & Granger. These Missouri cobs are a perfect match. Easy draw, smoke cool 'n sweet, price is excellent! At least for me, a good smoke every time.
5 out of 5
Suprised !
What a surprise ! I got one of these because I was curious and the price. I never thought I'd like or even want a corn cob pipe. I'm amazed at this pipe ! It's a great smoker ! I'm considering another one later on.
5 out of 5
Smokes great and easy on the wallet!
nice smoker.
5 out of 5
Missouri Meerschaum Legend Straight Corncob Pipe
I have used the Missouri Meerschaum Corncob Pipe for many years. I find them to be the smoothest smoking I have come across. The pipes are filtered which to me is very desirable. I have or have had many expensive pipes which do not compare. I do a lot of labor intensive work and am always shoving my pipe in a pocket. I don't feel bad at all breaking a stem on one of these pipes as I do a $20, $50 or higher priced one.
5 out of 5
First Cob - Love it!
This is my first corn cob and it garnered a lot of attention at a local county fair this summer. Besides attracting curious fair goers, it smokes cool and draws easily (filter removed). Also, I'm a clencher and the softer bit flexed nicely under my bite.
4 out of 5
Great products
Very genuine products the handcrafted pipes I purchased were outstanding. The shipping took a lot longer than expected but very happy with the products.
4 out of 5
MM Legend Straight - first pipe ever
this was my first pipe ever. After reading many blogs and forums and comments on pipe smoking, I thought I'd start with a Missouri meerschaum and I wasn't disappointed. Perfect pie for beginners, sturdy and will probably Last a long time. I'm giving this for stars because my first legend had a hole in it after the second smoke, it could have been from my inexperienced hand cleaning out the inside but no worries sent out a new one for free. The second legend I received was just fine and I made sure not to take so hard in the bottom. I also got to practice pitching a pipe with cigar Ashmore on the first one which turned out OK. Overall great pipe to start with and awesome value.
5 out of 5
Good prices on fine merchandise.
Good prices on fine merchandise.
5 out of 5
Excellent service. My package arrived
Excellent service. My package arrived quickly and contained exactly what I had ordered.
Customer Testimonials
A nice and priced right pipe for a new pipe user.
Bought it locally for $6.50. I have the bent and straight. This is a solid pipe. fill this up with some Lane BCA and get to work! Runs cooler than my briar. Solid pipe, solid price, no regrets.
The MM Legend (or Washington) is one of my favorite pipes. I have probably smoked 150+ bowls through it so far and it's still going strong. The pipe is starting to really show some character (it's getting beat up and ugly) but that's what cobs are for. I only have four pipes in my rotation and two of them are MM cobs. The Legend gets smoked more often than my other three pipes combined. I always try out new tobaccos in the legend to see if I like them. I do have a bit of advise for prospective cob buyers: If your pipe comes with a filter, it should be removed. They seem to get saturated quickly and will negatively affect your smoking experience. Also, even though I enjoy the nice cake built up in my briar; I would recommend little to no cake be allowed in your Legend (or Washington) cob. The bowl is already on the small side and I believe a cob does not need the protective build up a briar does. The cob itself will char a bit and protect the bowls integrity. Just my opinion on the cake in a cob debate.
These are awesome pipes. I have the bent stem and it is a pleasure to smoke. If you are a pipe smoker do yourself a favor and buy one of these. Great pipe at a great price.
Great pipes for the price. I bought a few of them for just an all day beat em up pipe. They are not gonna win any beauty contest but an old work truck wont either. Just great for all around use and not have to worry about beating up your good briar.
As everyone else has said, MM pipes are all great. I have several different models now, including this one, and I love them all. Always a consistently good smoke. This model is smallish, but not too small. Just right for a short smoke break.
I love my MM Legend. I have some expensive briars and meerschaums that I love, but I have to agree with everyone else that these smoke like a dream with that lovely open draw, cool smoke, neutral taste and easy packing. I highly recommend using the Savinelli 6mm balsa wood filters with your cob--so much better than the paper filters.
I got the legend straight and it smokes cool, I like it.
If these things were pretty and expensive, there would possibly be no reason for briars to exist. They smoke just as well. Better if you like an open draw. On my deck with a cold PBR, this will be my go-to pipe.
Maybe it's my imagination but it seems that there has been a resurgence in Cob popularity in the last year or so. It seems that I read about their use more and more. I bought my first Cob in May (a legend) and was so enamored that I bought 20 more (one for each of my blends) and am now buying the new Mark Twain. I've gone so far as to retire my briars and now smoke only Cobs. They have so many attributes---too many to list---let's just say they're the best smoke going !
Great beater pipes for when you're on the go and want an enjoyable smoke without worrying about damaging one of your expensive briars. Would highly recommend!
I bought both a bent and straight to use for tasting tobaccos. Enjoy both but personally prefer the straight. Will be ordering 5-10 more soon since they are the best pipes for truly tasting tobaccos and you can't beat them for the price!
Another fantastic cob from MM. Smokes great at an unbeatable price.
I like the simplicity of this pipe, worked very well even though im new to tobacco and pipes
This is a great pipe for the price and me not ever being a previous smoker, the filter really helps keep the flavors nice and mellow...peace!
These corn cob pipes ALL smoke really nice. I have a couple more expensive pipes, but I find myself smoking the cobs much more. There is no break in time and I think the tobacco has a bit more of a natural taste. I plan on always having a M/M handy!
All cob pipes are not created equal, and this particular pipe is yet another example of that fact. A perfectly smooth smoke that requires very little seasoning. This and one other MO Meerschaum are my go-to's when resting one of my briars.
MM pipes are fantastic to begin with, I won't smoke any other pipe. Just a waste of money. The Legend is a great pipe. Smokes nice and cool and it is the perfect size for clenching in your teeth while working on something else. Pick up a dozen or so. You won't regret it.