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Missouri Meerschaum Legend

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MSRP: $7.59 $4.45 In Stock
Legend Bent
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MSRP: $7.59 $4.45 In Stock
Legend Straight
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Customer Reviews of “Missouri Meerschaum Legend”
MM pipes are fantastic to begin with, I won't smoke any other pipe. Just a waste of money. The Legend is a great pipe. Smokes nice and cool and it is the perfect size for clenching in your teeth while working on something else. Pick up a dozen or so. You won't regret it.
ND of Morristown, TN
These corn cob pipes ALL smoke really nice. I have a couple more expensive pipes, but I find myself smoking the cobs much more. There is no break in time and I think the tobacco has a bit more of a natural taste. I plan on always having a M/M handy!
MS of Warminster, PA
This is a great pipe for the price and me not ever being a previous smoker, the filter really helps keep the flavors nice and mellow...peace!
GP of El Cajon, CA
I like the simplicity of this pipe, worked very well even though im new to tobacco and pipes
GP of El Cajon, CA
Another fantastic cob from MM. Smokes great at an unbeatable price.
JG of Winter Garden, FL
I bought both a bent and straight to use for tasting tobaccos. Enjoy both but personally prefer the straight. Will be ordering 5-10 more soon since they are the best pipes for truly tasting tobaccos and you can't beat them for the price!
JW of Pasadena, CA
Great beater pipes for when you're on the go and want an enjoyable smoke without worrying about damaging one of your expensive briars. Would highly recommend!
CW of Ankeny, IA
Maybe it's my imagination but it seems that there has been a resurgence in Cob popularity in the last year or so. It seems that I read about their use more and more. I bought my first Cob in May (a legend) and was so enamored that I bought 20 more (one for each of my blends) and am now buying the new Mark Twain. I've gone so far as to retire my briars and now smoke only Cobs. They have so many attributes---too many to list---let's just say they're the best smoke going !
CL of Dresher, PA
If these things were pretty and expensive, there would possibly be no reason for briars to exist. They smoke just as well. Better if you like an open draw. On my deck with a cold PBR, this will be my go-to pipe.
JL of Martinez, CA
I got the legend straight and it smokes cool, I like it.
MS of Humble, TX
I love my MM Legend. I have some expensive briars and meerschaums that I love, but I have to agree with everyone else that these smoke like a dream with that lovely open draw, cool smoke, neutral taste and easy packing. I highly recommend using the Savinelli 6mm balsa wood filters with your cob--so much better than the paper filters.
JA of Antioch, TN
Great pipes for the price. I bought a few of them for just an all day beat em up pipe. They are not gonna win any beauty contest but an old work truck wont either. Just great for all around use and not have to worry about beating up your good briar.
SM of Helena, MT
As everyone else has said, MM pipes are all great. I have several different models now, including this one, and I love them all. Always a consistently good smoke. This model is smallish, but not too small. Just right for a short smoke break.
KR of Glen Burnie, MD
These are awesome pipes. I have the bent stem and it is a pleasure to smoke. If you are a pipe smoker do yourself a favor and buy one of these. Great pipe at a great price.
BB of Wetumka, OK
The MM Legend (or Washington) is one of my favorite pipes. I have probably smoked 150+ bowls through it so far and it's still going strong. The pipe is starting to really show some character (it's getting beat up and ugly) but that's what cobs are for. I only have four pipes in my rotation and two of them are MM cobs. The Legend gets smoked more often than my other three pipes combined. I always try out new tobaccos in the legend to see if I like them. I do have a bit of advise for prospective cob buyers: If your pipe comes with a filter, it should be removed. They seem to get saturated quickly and will negatively affect your smoking experience. Also, even though I enjoy the nice cake built up in my briar; I would recommend little to no cake be allowed in your Legend (or Washington) cob. The bowl is already on the small side and I believe a cob does not need the protective build up a briar does. The cob itself will char a bit and protect the bowls integrity. Just my opinion on the cake in a cob debate.
JW of Hazelton, ID
All cob pipes are not created equal, and this particular pipe is yet another example of that fact. A perfectly smooth smoke that requires very little seasoning. This and one other MO Meerschaum are my go-to's when resting one of my briars.
TS of Portland, OR