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Make Your Own Pipe

We are all, at one point or another, inclined to carve our own pipe. Some of us do it for the fun and others do it as an art form. Here at Pipes and Cigars we like to provide you with quality briar blocks that are pre-bored, fitted with a stem and have their chamber drilled. All you have to do is carve the exterior to your liking.

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MSRP: $74.95 $49.99 In Stock
Make Your Own Plateaux Bent
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MSRP: $74.95 $49.99 In Stock
Make Your Own Plateaux Straight
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MSRP: $39.95 $24.99 In Stock
Make Your Own Straight
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MSRP: $39.95 $24.99 ETA Mid January Out of Stock    
Make Your Own Bent Pipe
Overall Rating 4.33 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Make Your Own Pipe”

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4 out of 5
Great overall
I wish there were more options for stems, but it is a good product overall. Lots of fun to carve your own.
4 out of 5
Fun and great smoking pipe
Had the pipe done in three hours, nothing fancy but still has a nice pleasing look. I gave it four stars only because I believe for fifty bucks the vendor could supply a much better stem.
5 out of 5
Predrilled briar block with stem Make your own bent pipe
Awesome block of briar, Plenty of wood to make any size pipe. I decided to make a freehand style for my first pipe. I smoke this pipe almost every day since I made it and will order another once I settle on a design.
Customer Testimonials
I am very happy with this block of briar and stem!!!! I received it two days ago about 2 pm and smoked it this morning. It is on the style of a freehand bent with a bent stem. I am a knifemaker and to me it was just like finishing a handle. I stained it red and polished it(gloss finish), with the bowl rusticated. Awesome looking with a flat bottom (sitter) The block of briar is a great size to make whatever you want, I feel I cut a lot off and it is still a large bowl pipe. I will buy another!!!!
I was disappointed with my kit. In the pictures, which look like they've since been changed, the stem looked like an acrylic saddle bit, but the tapered stem in the kit I received is made of what seems like a soft, cheap plastic with a prominent mold line to sand off. The wall of the tenon is very thin and flexible. Overall the stem seems pretty low-rent. I bought my dad a kit from another source for a few dollars more, and I found the stem on that one to be much nicer. I'll see how well it takes a polish, but I'm thinking of sawing the briar block into slabs on which to practice carving and sandblasting.
Got the "bent" pipe and there wasn't much of a bend to it, but I think I remember reading something about the bend was very minor, so I wasn't worried about that. It's a huge block of briar so there is plenty to work with, way larger than I've seen from other companies for the same price. Internally the shank was drilled slightly off canter so instead of being centered in the bowl it is almost all the way to the one side of the bottom of the bowl. I don't think it will create any issues though. I am please with it and hope to turn it into a huge poker!