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Svend Hangaard Apple Sale

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So you think you have seen it all when it comes to Danish pipes, eh? Think again. Meet Svend Hangaard. His entry into the highly skilled, precision craftsmanship of pipe carving has been atypical to say the least.

Svend spent a large part of his professional life as a prison warden - 30 years to be exact. While this may not be the kind of background one would expect when reading the dossier on any pipe carver's history, when raw talent is in one's blood, all it takes is time, a lot of patience, and a little help along the way. After sculpting blocks for many years as a hobby, a recently retired Svend decided to take his talent to the next level.

Enter Portuguese pipe carving sensation Joao Reis. In April 2009 Svend spent time with Joao learning the tricks of the trade. An apt pupil, Svend has quickly learned new techniques and refined his considerable skill set, and, like a fine wine has blossomed into a serious force to be contended with in the pipe carving world.

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Svend Hangaard Apple

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