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Pipes and Cigars Intro Sampler

If you already enjoy pipe smoking and want to save some money, or want to try a pipe without breaking the bank, turn to We’ve put together a package that includes a Casillero Pipe, 1.5oz of the  best pipe tobacco, Borkum Riff and a 3-in-1 pipe tool.  This would normally cost more than $37, but because we want you to see what we can do for you, we’ll send it your way for only $14.99!  

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PIPE SAMPLER In Stock $37.00
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Customer Reviews of “Pipes and Cigars Intro Sampler”
I really like the pipe, seems to be good quality. For the tobacco it's okay not my favorite, but it is consumable. Overall for the price I am very pleased, just wished I could order another at the same price.
JF of Cook, NE
The Casillero pipe is remarkably well made! And the Borkum Riff is a relaxing mellow smoke. My college nephew, home from break, was quite impressed with both, So I gave them to him. This second kit, shall go to a cigar smoking relative, who's expressed interest in our pipes. Thank you gents for this fine product at such a great price!
JS of Phoenix, AZ
Not bad for the price. I received my sample kit today in the mail. The pipe has a nice appearance with a decent finish. The fit of the stem and filter inside is a little ruff. The filter slides back and forth when I draw on the pipe. Pipe smokes well though. The tabacco is very nice. Mellow smoke with hints of plum and chocolate. If this was my first pipe I would be very impressed.
JL of Saint Petersburg, FL
The Intro Sampler was a very nice surprise. The intro pipe is light-weight and comfy; the Borkum Riff is definitely pleasant. With the free shipping added, it is definitely a good deal. Thank you P&C!
FP of Stamford, CT
I got this when it was on sale for $15. How do you argue with that price? The Casillero pipe is a nice surprise. I am quite happy with it. The pipe tool and the tobacco I consider a courtesy as the price is so low I assume I am only paying for the pipe and P&C just wants me to be happy so they threw it in! Good news P&C, i am very happy! The borkum riff original mixture is OK. smells nice and fruity in the pouch, burned hot. but it should not take away from item as a whole. this is a great intro for a great price.
JB of lakeside, IA