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A Little Bit About Non-Aromatic Blends - "Non-Aromatics 101"

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This is a “catch-all” category. Basically, if a blend isn’t an aromatic or an English blend, it’s lumped into the non-aromatic group. This broad grouping includes a variety of blend types including Virginia, Virginia/Perique, Burleys, Virginia/Burleys, and semi-aromatics. The main distinction here is that there are no top-dressings applied, or that the top-dressing is light enough that it doesn’t have much of an influence.

Among these might be some blends that include Latakia, but it’s usually added in such a small amount that it’s more of a background component. Besides the Virginia and Virginia/Perique blends, a number of our “house” blends fall into this category, such as Hearth & Home Marquee El Niño, and the Signature Series’ Freight Train, Stogie, and Steamroller.

Flavor profiles in this grouping can range from delicate and sweet to bold and spicy. For anyone in the area, the aromas may be pleasant to inoffensive, although some that contain dark-fired Kentucky or dark Burley in significant amounts might fall into the “That stinks!” group.

Because this is such a broad collection of blends, they can be very cool to fairly hot-smoking, especially in the case of Virginia-based blends. Extra slow smoking is strongly recommended for these blends, not only to save your tongue, but to coax the maximum flavor out of these sugar-laden tobaccos.

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