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About Mastro de Paja Pipes

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High Quality, Handmade Pipes

Mastro de Paja pipes are formed by the expert and highly capable hands of craftsmen. These famous pipes with the unmistakable sun brand are known and appreciated by connoisseurs throughout the world. And, in the modelling process, the craftsmen bring to light the most concealed and valuable qualities of the briar. Varied designs, original lines, and a deliberately limited productions make Mastro de Paja pipes objects that are destined for the most demanding and refined collectors. Beautiful and loved, they are also excellent pipes because they are worked with care by those who know them; they are a successful synthesis of formal beauty and functionality. Rigorous controls and selections give Mastro de Paja pipes, right from the first smoke, that rounded taste which is then maintained intact for the whole of its long and extraordinary life.

The Long and Extraordinary Road from the Briar to the Bowl

The briar used in the making of pipes is obtained from the "Erica Arborea," a plant widely distributed in many parts of the Mediterranean area. Mastro de Paja, after careful research, has chosen the best briars of the Mediterranean for its pipes. Successively, only the highest quality and most resistant briar is selected for the working. The successive phases, the squaring off of the blocks of briar, the design, the modelling, and the finishing and curving of the mouthpiece require the gifts of ability and precision, and of creative sensitivity. Before the final phase of working, the pipes are carefully selected at the Mastro de Paja. The pipes judged as perfect are carefully hand-tinted, polished, and branded. Once finished, and once again selected with extreme rigor, they may finally be presented to the public.
  1. The highest quality and most resistant chunks of briar are selected for working.
  2. The craftsman forms the design of the pipe directly on the chunk by hand, following the line and grain.
  3. The preselected piece is smoothed off carefully following the shape of the design.
  4. After hollowing the stem and the bowl, a further finish is applied.
  5. The craftsman brings to light the most concealed and precious qualities of the briar.
  6. The mouthpiece is curved with great care and sensitivity.
  7. The selected pipes, without any defect, are carefully hand-tinted.
  8. The characteristic brilliance is added to Mastro de Paja pipes by a final polishing operation.
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