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Buying Bulk Pipe Tobacco & The Pricing Structure...

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Bulk pipe tobacco is ordered by the ounce. Ordering a pound, enter 16 in the quantity field (32 for 2 lbs, 48 for 3 lbs and so forth.)

Bulk pipe tobacco pricing is noted in the following manner.

$3.75, 4/$6.89, 8/$11.07, 16/$20.15, 80/$90.00

The first price listed is the cost of a single ounce. Therefore, two (2) ounces or three (3) ounces costs 2x the first price or 3x depending. At 4 ounces a new price is noted - 4/$6.89, so on at 8, 16 and sometimes 80 (5lbs).

Any quantity purchased between price breaks receives the per ounce price of the lower break. For example using the information above, the per ounce price at 4oz is approx $1.73. Five (5), six (6), or seven (7) ounces are sold at the $1.73 price.
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