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Traveling with Cigars

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When traveling with cigars, you need to find a way to keep your cigars in good condition, but you’ll also want a way to transport your lighter if you’re going by plane.

The best way to transport your cigars is with a travel humidor. These can be wood, metal, or plastic, or a combination. The wood/metal ones require the use of the humidification device (usually supplied with the humidor) as the seal on mostly all of them is not air-tight. The plastic ones, however, seal so tightly that they’ll float and protect your cigars even if they’re dropped in water. For that reason, if you are putting your plastic travel humidor (like the ones made by Cigar Caddy) in your checked luggage, avoid snapping both latches shut. If you do, the backpressure created will make it very difficult to reopen (you’ll probably need to use a screwdriver to pop it). The larger Cigar Caddies have a screw-top vent, so you can just open the vent to relieve the pressure.

Secondly, when traveling with a lighter (other than a disposable soft flame), the safest way to avoid having your lighter confiscated is to use an approved carrier. If you use a Zippo, they make a case that is approved by the TSA. Just place the lighter in the case and put it in your checked baggage. Likewise, there’s a device called a Tranzpack for carrying butane lighter (even torch-type). Again, just put the lighter in the case and stow it in your checked luggage. Cigar cutters are okay for carrying according to TSA.

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