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If you've tried a number of different pipe reamers but were dissatisfied because they don't work for some of your pipes, the solution is here - the Decatur Pipe Knife. This knife has three fluted blade surfaces, a wooden handle, and a rounded tip so it won't gouge the chamber. Simply lay one of the flat sides against the cake, and with a light rocking motion, the Decatur Pipe Knife will smoothly shave off the excess carbon with ease. Because of its design, it's perfect for hard-to-ream pipes like those with conical (Nording freehands) and oval chambers (opera pipes). To keep the blades sharp, all you need to do is place each flat side on an oiled whetstone and give it a few strokes and it's good as new. This is similar to a product that's no longer being sold, but even with its superior, updated design, it's less than half the price!

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