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Golden Triangle Collection

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The Golden Triangle Collection is the best way for you to clearly see the differences in the special varietal Periques that Russ Ouellette had the opportunity to work with. To be able to detect the variation in the different growing regions, Russ created a mellow blend of bright Virginia and toasted Burley as a base, and the same amount of each of the four varietal Periques is added in exactly the same proportions. You'll be able to taste the nuances of each type and compare them clearly with this collection. For many years, the only commercially available Perique has been Acadian Perique, which is blended with Perique-processed dark air-cured tobaccos, but this is the real deal, made only from Perique tobaccos grown in the Golden Triangle.

Paulina - Flinty, with a coffee note. Has a peppery sourness that you'll feel toward the back of your palate.

Belmont - Buttery, salty notes of brined olives with a bit of fruitiness, and some cayenne pepper on the finish.

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