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A number of Italian-American men from ny hometown used to smoke strong cheroots. They had a distinctive smoky aroma and a rustic appearance.  Typically, they were double-tapered, slender cigars, about 6 inches long. Most of the men I saw smoking them would cut or snap them in half because they actually smoked for a fairly long time. They were also dry-cured, so they could keep them without humidification.

Now, P&C has the genuine article - Italian cheroots made in the Tuscany region of Italy. Toscano Classico uses a combination of American and Italian dark-fired Kentucky, with an Italian wrapper. It's intensely smoky and medium-full in body. Toscano Antico uses the same blend, but the wrapper is American dark-fired, which kicks the body up to full. If you like smoky, peppery flavor at a nice price, and easy to carry around, try some Toscanos.

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