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In theory, it should be easy to gift shop for a pipe or cigar smoker. After all, they need pipes, cigars, tobaccos, pouches, and other accessories, so it should be a snap to buy for them, right? But buying for a pipe or cigar smoker is like buying a gift for a golfer. What kind of golf balls do they prefer? What clubs do they already own? Luckily, when it comes to the pipe and/or cigar fan in your life, there’s a category that’s fairly easy to pick from because they’re items that are always appreciated – accessories. That person that you’re shopping for will always appreciate pipe cleaners, lighters, cutters, and other assorted things that make their pastime more enjoyable. To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together a great selection of accoutrements that are always welcome gifts, and we’ve cut the price to up to 70% off, so that a look at all we have to offer and make stuffing those stockings just a little bit easier.

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Savinelli Pipe Filters
Savinelli Pipe Filters5 Options4.87 out of 5Ratings133 As low as $2.40 
Viking Pouches Pipe Pouches
Viking Pouches6 Options4.76 out of 5Ratings104 As low as $14.99 
BJ Long Pipe Cleaners
BJ Long Pipe Cleaners12 Options4.83 out of 5Ratings1095 As low as $1.19 
Medico Pipe Filters  Box of 10 Filters
Medico Pipe Filters Box of 10 Filters4.67 out of 5Ratings146 $0.99In Stock
4th Generation Pouches and Bags Pipe Pouches
4th Generation Pouches and Bags10 Options4.72 out of 5Ratings105 As low as $19.95 
Dr. Grabow Filters Pipe Filters
Dr. Grabow Filters2 Options4.78 out of 5Ratings284 As low as $0.99 
Captain Black Pipe Lighter
Captain Black Pipe Lighter 4.52 out of 5Ratings112$25.00$15.99In Stock
Stanwell Pouches Pipe Pouches
Stanwell Pouches6 Options4.75 out of 5Ratings44 As low as $19.99 
Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool
Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool 4.38 out of 5Ratings63$29.99$19.99In Stock
Dill's Pipe Cleaners
Dill's Pipe Cleaners2 Options4.84 out of 5Ratings271 $2.39 
Stanwell Pipe Filters
Stanwell Pipe Filters4 Options4.83 out of 5Ratings135 As low as $3.99 
Brigham Pipe Cleaners Pipe Accessories
Brigham Pipe Cleaners4 Options4.69 out of 5Ratings62 As low as $1.59 
Decatur Ream-All  Pipe Tool
Decatur Ream-All Pipe Tool4.76 out of 5Ratings140$25.99$19.99In Stock
Neerup Leather Mats  Pipe Accessory
Neerup Cleaning Tools6 Options4.8 out of 5Ratings10 As low as $3.00 
Baraccini Pouches Pipe Pouches
Baraccini Pouches5 Options4.57 out of 5Ratings28 As low as $14.99 
Baraccini Pipe Lighter
Baraccini Pipe Lighter 4.45 out of 5Ratings33$29.95$19.99In Stock
Neal Yarm Pipe Stand
Neal Yarm Pipe Stand25 Options4.85 out of 5Ratings20 As low as $54.99 
Decatur Pipe Shield Briar-Fresh  Pipe Cleaner
Decatur Pipe Shield Briar-Fresh Pipe Cleaner4.84 out of 5Ratings124$5.00$3.69In Stock
Daily Tobacco Pouches Pipe Pouches
Daily Tobacco Pouches13 Options4.2 out of 5Ratings40 As low as $7.99 
Woodware Pipe Stands
Woodware Pipe Stands10 Options4.88 out of 5Ratings26 As low as $9.99 
Shank Brush  Pipe Tool
Shank Brush Pipe Tool4.85 out of 5Ratings47 $0.99Out Of Stock
Norman Rockwell For a Good Boy 8oz Ceramic Jar
Norman Rockwell For a Good Boy 8oz Ceramic Jar 4.79 out of 5Ratings24$50.00$39.99In Stock
Silver Horseshoe Nail
Silver Horseshoe Nail 4.75 out of 5Ratings112 $1.25In Stock
Bengal Slices Pipe Lighter
Bengal Slices Pipe Lighter 4.52 out of 5Ratings29$19.99$15.99In Stock
Eriksen Pipe KeyStones - Bag  200
Eriksen Pipe KeyStones - Bag 2004.55 out of 5Ratings31$14.99$9.99In Stock
Silver Pipe Nail
Silver Pipe Nail 4.79 out of 5Ratings114 $1.25In Stock
Norman Rockwell Downhearted Jar
Norman Rockwell Downhearted Jar 4.7 out of 5Ratings23$50.00$39.99In Stock
Pipes & Cigars Pipe Lighter  Pipes & Cigar 20th Anniversary
Pipes & Cigars Pipe Lighter Pipes & Cigar 20th Anniversary4.33 out of 5Ratings33$19.99$15.99In Stock
Decatur Pipe Shield No-Ox  Pipe Cleaner
Decatur Pipe Shield No-Ox Pipe Cleaner4.48 out of 5Ratings21$12.99$9.99In Stock
Savinelli Pipe Pouches
Savinelli Pipe Pouches4 Options4.42 out of 5Ratings12 As low as $13.59